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    Yr 11 and HSC Chemistry Tutor Available - Liverpool/Campbelltown Area

    Re: Yr 11 and HSC Chemistry Tutor Available - SWSydney (Casula,Liverpool,Glenfield,Pa Just thought I'd bump this; I've been working and studying overseas and interstate for the past year, so haven't done much tutoring for a while. If anyone's looking for someone, feel free to give me a bell.
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    Tutor Needed, Really Needed

    I'm in my second year of a B.Sci (Chemistry) and am a band six Chemistry student. I can start tutoring you in July once my exams are done. Call me on 0423 507 495 if you want to sort something out. I did 4 Unit English with competitive marks as well and can help you with that, but I have...
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    Yr 11 and HSC Chemistry Tutor Available - Liverpool/Campbelltown Area

    Yr 11 and HSC Chemistry Tutor Available - SWSydney (Casula,Liverpool,Glenfield,Parra) Hi, I'm a final year University Chemistry student located in Casula/Liverpool who scored a Band Six in HSC Chemistry in 2005. I've achieved Dean's Honours at the University of Western Sydney for the past...
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    It'z Ova!

    It's Over. I can't believe it is finally over. I never thought this day would come, but it has! Woohoo! We can't sit here complaining about the past, because we can't change it. So who cares?
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    Exam Paper

    I happen to be on Karl's side for this one. It IS possible and has been done in multiple exams....people who finish early write down the questions on the white booklet or on scrap paper. Idiots.
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    Trick question? Shipwrecks and salvage

    I also went with this. Gave the oxidation, reduction and overall equations, explained that Magnesium would oxidise in preference forming Mg ions and that Iron ions would be reduced to form solid Fe. I also agree with Kyroth that 4 marks for a question like this is practically a gift.
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    Just Got Back!! God That Sucked

    Agreed. That was the most perfect test ever made.
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    What mark do you think you got?

    I'm confident with every question I answered of getting full marks...there is a possibility for the hundred percent...but taking into account a few silly mistakes, or missed marks on the big questions, I would guess aroun less than 90%.
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    multiple choice...WTF?

    I found most of it pretty easy, but I found about two questions insanely difficult, particularly that last question which was uneccessarily took me about 3 minutes to figure out what exactly the question was asking. I wrote down my multiple choice results on my hand cos I had some...
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    I Know Whats In The Hsc Exam!!

    No, I'm making it up to doom your HSC. :p The resulting mixture after fermentation is only 15% ethanol (or 14 - 15 as Lace said.) Hence the need for distillation afterwards. EDIT: By 'stuff' I'll assume you mean the reactants (that is, the remaining glucose and stuff that's left over from...
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    I Know Whats In The Hsc Exam!!

    OK, if we are to believe that this is the case (dot-points not asked as of yet will be asked tomorrow) have questions ever been asked multiple times in previous HSC's? E.g. was a question that was asked in 2001 asked again in 2003? I think if this isn't the case, then we can safely say that...
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    I Know Whats In The Hsc Exam!!

    About 15%. He didn't get it from a book, he got it from the net...presumably google.
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    Amphiprotic or Amphoteric

    For the purposes of the HSC, ALL acid-base reactions involve proton transfer. Lewis reactions are off syllabus and will not be tested in the HSC. Feel free to argue this point at 1:00 tomorrow :D
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    CSSA Trial Papers

    *Battles to the death*
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    CSSA Trial Papers

    Oh yes, he's my favourite too! :D
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    Prefered Modules and Electives in EE1.

    I would of loved to have done Post Modernism for sure. I did Crime Fiction and found it for the most pretty good...but that's in hindsight. I hated the thing all year and I'm glad to be done with it. I wish there was an option to do EE2 but not EE1...
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    Crime Fiction

    With the essay I quoted the last line which was something like..."nobody can stop me, not even you." And wrote about how it was the voice of evil making a challenge and that the detective will answer the call, and then wrote about cosy school detectives and hard-boiled detectives answering the...
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    How did you find the EE1 HSC Paper?

    Hahaha, a dream? I wish I thought of story was perfectly normal until the part where I realised that there was supposed to be a fire and some woman in a dress. The big problem was that the entire story was set in Cabramatta, and the fire was on a I''m hoping the setting...
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    How did you find the EE1 HSC Paper?

    Ahem...not for us poor sods that do Drama. A Drama exam is practically English...two bitch essays. It's going to be really easy though, because Drama essays are a total sinch.
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    How did you find the EE1 HSC Paper?

    Hahaha, I laughed so hard when I read that. Next time I pee in a shed, I'll be on the look out for clues.