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    Was it just me...

    That wasn't the only problem... they got us talking about Nav machines... wtf did they buy out the BoS so they could put it in... i mean where the fuck are the questions that actually TESTED your KNOWLEDGE or the course/syllabus.
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    Was it just me...

    or did anyone get thrown away buy the large stimulii it gave and the non directive questions? I did the cathloic trial and got 84%... the HSC was moderate is it didnt quite state what the question asked... I mean where in the syllabus did it say about Emails being suspect.
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    Who failed?

    such negativity hopefully high 70's low 80s for me everything was fine expect my lack of preparation of Consumer Law resulting in 6.5 pages... 19+ for technology with 9 page effort :O
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    got a big problem

    oh damn that sucks dude, i've been told that different questions go to different markers. I guess speaking to your Economics teacher and even the supervisors at the exam. Good luck!
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    Band 6 cut off?

    Catholic Trial was a whole lot easier... hitting the 88% mark with 20/20 in M.C... as said above the HSC paper had some tricks to the MC that got me :(
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    Section IV: Which extended response

    ESD, I knew what to talk about for both, but ultimately it came down to which one I could write more about... in the end I did 6.5 pages :(
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    Section III: Which extended response?

    Macro/Micro - 10 pages decent question hoping for a 17+/20