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    miranda rta p's test

    go on the weekend - i did and got a different guy plus no school zones or trucks
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    Are there any Christian teenagers out there??

    this is 100% troll
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    So you think you want a motorcycle?

    Cheers Graney im 6'1" so ive actually thought that maybe there'd be some bikes out there that are too small for me to ride - never thought about them being too big. I want to eventually do some touring on it so im not too fussed about having top notch dirt credintials but would need to be able...
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    Red P's - Auto to Manual License (retake test or wait?)

    just wait another 9 months.
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    So you think you want a motorcycle?

    Thinking of learning how to ride a motorcycle - do you guys think a KLR650 is too big / heavy a bike to learn on? If i were to get that bike i would most defiantly not want to drop it but being a dual sport it should be able to handle it. Is it worth my time and money to get a smaller bike...
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    miranda rta p's test

    i did mine at miranda - got dragon lady and surprise - i failed, second go i got a really really nice guy and i passed no problems
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    New York/Chicago

    While in Chicago, dont go to the fucking opera. Go to the top of the sears tower, maybe the john hancock building too. Go to grant park (obama was there) - you cant miss it really. Go to the museums there - they have the best. Maybe take a tour of the river - they have some really...
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    How gay are you?

    16% And im friends with an ultra gay guy...
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    lol and wtf: Unemployment falls a whole bunch

    Does taking out a 12 billion dollar loan to pay for low income earners shit make sense to people? Do people not realise that this 12 billion in cash handouts will need to be repayed with interest??? Fucking socialist government.
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    Making Vista Ultimate faster

    All these people baging vista don't have a clue what theyre talking about. It may use more RAM than xp but whos gives a shit, who the fuck is running <1G of RAM anymore. Vista had problems on release (as xp did...) but since service pack 1 its far, far better than xp.
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    Easy jobs to get?

    I didn't really work during the entirety of high school except for some cash in hand stuff during the holidays but after turning 18 i got my RSA and landed a job working in a bottle shop pretty quickly and make $20+ an hour and it fits in really well with my study. However, if you're after even...
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    It definitely does. I've seen it more than a few times.
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    auto Cad

    I'm using civilcad 6 atm - its a little tricky to master but it is designed to be somewhat user friendly but just doesn't have the same resources as MS. I don't know how you would go about learning it yourself but the 'help' within the software is quite helpful believe it or not - its also...
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    Timber and furniture industries

    I think i can speak for most people in saying that it was definitely one of the hardest papers out there. "Flat pack"? i guessed that it was when a manufacturer sells an item unassembled - which i later asked my teacher about and he said i was right but because i was unsure my answer was...
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    So uh...

    should have done general maths moron
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    Does God exist? Nuff said. /thread.
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    Does God exist?

    What did people believe in before the years 0 - 30 AD? (something like that i think) You had your pagans, Greeks and Egyptians and what not all believing in polytheistic religions - so if you take the bible seriously that means that because they didn't believe in 'God' (they had no idea of even...
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    Top 'speed' done and where?

    yeah i went down arden street today in coogee and reached 340km/h in my ford laser. could have gone faster but i had the window down.
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    Internet filtering: You can't opt-out

    I sent emails to the 7:30 report and today tonight a week ago in their "send us an idea for a story" type thing but i seriously doubt it will do anything. The reason why we haven't heard about this is because TV doesn't give a shit about the internet. Think about the millions of nightly...
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    So who else thinks we got slid a 2 unit paper?

    ... Exactly why i thought it was a good exam.