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    Is anyone else over school

    im so far over skool its a now a joke to me, its now just one big mind game
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    Southern Cross Uni...

    talk bout rude. for f sake its a question dnt jump down my throat
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    nursing uai

    i ahvent been given ours yet
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    a really big one?
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    nursing uai

    does any1 know what the uai for nursing is at canberra
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    Southern Cross Uni...

    Nursing hi i was wondering if nursing is done at lismore? if so does any1 know what the aui is?
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    principals recomendation

    does any1 i know wat the chances of gettin in under prinipals recomendation??
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    Aborginal Studies

    no i mean the actual course aboriginal studies
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    Open days

    ok thank you, i have no cluewhere any of those roads r :)
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    Nursing UAI

    thank you, as i am in nsw i have no idea of the melb uni and there ways in
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    guys and the MALE best friend

    Y do guys get so jelous of the a chicks males best friend??? wat the deal fellas its not like we are sleeping with them
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    Nursing UAI

    Hi Could Sum1 Tell Me The Uai For Nursing At Melb
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    Open days

    does any1 know if ther are any open days commin up at wagga or dubbo?
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    Aborginal Studies

    hi does any1 have any hsc study notes on ABORGINAL STUDIES???? PLESE LET ME KNOW THANK S
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    Dubbo can be pretty bad place, but depending on wat part it can be alright too
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    Love Hurts

    wait for ur heart to settle b4 thinking of a new realtionship..... sure sleep around but make sure its wit sum1 ur attracted too and knows that its no strings attached sex...
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    Formals (yr12); Semi-Formals (yr11); Socials (yr10)

    ours is the 22nd of novemeber i wollongong.. so cant wait got my dress... all i need is a date, but our stupid skool will onli let us take ppl frm our skool
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    Nursing/ midwiffery

    hi there, i was wondering if any1 could tell me what the nursing and middwiffery corse is like at newy?
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    i have actually found bout 3 or 4 unis doing midwiffery with an average uai of 72 ish....