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    School Rankings 2011

    Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School - from 286 to 59 We did good.
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    art works returned!

    Congrats to those who got nominated! I missed out on Artexpress, but I got nominated for DesignTECH.
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    How did you feel when you completed your major??

    i felt shit as, because i didnt really have a chance to enjoy it. but i got nominated for designTECH and completed probably the best project the state has ever seen. feeling good about it now.
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    is the BOS that stupid?

    And? They shouldn't make errors.
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    band 6 cut off ?

    its out of 100 bud. cut off can be low 80's for the entire course. dt aligns HIGH but scales average.
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    is the BOS that stupid?

    You are correct, two of my other friends [from my cohort] had it. But now it is gone (confirmed by 1). Silly Board of Studies.
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    is the BOS that stupid?

    This is on my 'Schools online' page And I know that they will release it tomorrow, but it is interesting that this is on my page. The nomination isnt confirmed but why would they put that there? Does everyone have that?
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    art works returned!

    lame, mine was amazing. ah well. didnt send in a concept, could of hurt me. thought they could figure it out, that will teach me for being lazy.
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    art works returned!

    yeah i know we find out on november 11, but i thought they would have held onto it. i was aiming for a nomination, i guess i will find out on friday.
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    art works returned!

    my artwork got returned to my school the other day, does this mean i wasnt nominated for ARTEXPRESS?
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    Hsc nominations!

    When do the HSC send out the nominations for the practical subjects? For example, Music, Visual Arts, Design and Technology etc.
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    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    Its an unseen TEXT
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    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    well in extension 1 they do this for example: Compose a piece of original imaginative writing using a setting from one of your prescribed texts and incorporating these three terms: a wish a message solitude Your response should draw on your knowledge and understanding of the elective you have...
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    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    but the creative WHAT!
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    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    15 marks on 1 text, i reckon that would be better.
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    What Viva topic/s are you doing?

    I got 20/20 for all my Viva's so if anyone needs help just ask.
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    what thesis is good for HSC extension music???

    A good thesis is original, something that you came up with after extensive research and listening. A strong essay that get's 100% is completely unique and is powerful. Show that you have found something that no one else has. This is what will get you 100%, not using someone else's idea. You wont...
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    Estimate my Atar please

    thanks i need 89 so looking good :)