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    Difference between sacrificial anode and passivating metal

    Hi Everyone :) I know that this may seem obvious to many of you, but what is really the difference between a sacrificial anode and passivating a metal as a means of protecting a ship from corrosion? In Excel HSC Chemistry, it is said that galvanising iron (that is, coating with a layer of...
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    HSC Question 2008

    Ah I see. I think I understand now! Thanks very much for the help! :)
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    HSC Question 2008

    Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions on this question? "how did Einstein's theory of special relativity and his explanation of the photoelectric effect lead to the reconceptualisation of the model of light?" Thanks :spin:
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    UMAT Medentry Group Discount

    Hi everyone If anyone would like to do the UMAT Group Platinum Medentry Preparation course ($590) with the 2 day event at UTS on the 16th and 17th of January 2013, please email me: We currently have two people in our group and we need at least one more! Thanks...