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  1. alisondance

    moving out of ur family home

    point of thread - when are you moving out of your home and going to embrace the big bad world on your own? will you have help? do you have a plan? i have no choice but to move out to attend uni, my closest course is 4 hours away. the annoying thing is i can get NO help from centrelink...
  2. alisondance

    Do you believe Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ??

    so quick though my brother had on this; so back in the days the used public pools shared bath water etc etc? so the chances are slim but there is a possibility there was sperm in the water she bathed in and that's how she became pregnant?? anyways just one of what i imagine is one of many...
  3. alisondance

    hi can u tell me what time our atars r meant to come today i thought it was meant to be 6am!!??

    hi can u tell me what time our atars r meant to come today i thought it was meant to be 6am!!??
  4. alisondance

    What is your confirmed ATAR?

    umm rnt atars supposed to be out at 6am???? when do we get them???!!
  5. alisondance

    09ers Yr 12 Formal

    Our is Friday. We have a very traditional grad it's more like a deb ball. We all wear long white dresses, the boys wear matching suits. We are introduced individually and presented to the principle (even get to walk down a red carpet to get to him!). Then the year group dances the Pride Of Erin...
  6. alisondance

    Age of consent?

    a few possible myths if anyoone can clarify.. 5 yr age diff is considered pedophilia boys legal consent age is 18 girls is 16 (think my brother threw that one in so i wouldn't go for the older man! haha protective sibling and all that!) anyway fact or fiction? im liking the no age but with...
  7. alisondance

    Youth Allowance Eligibility

    i think they make it to hard for people to get particularly from rural areas. My parents are out of the money bracket but that doesn't mean all that money goes to me, I've got other siblings in uni they're trying to support and most of it goes into their super. Its harder hear as there is no...
  8. alisondance

    best uni for journalism?

    im worried, im doing journalism too i heard bathurst is good and woolongong. i spoke to a proffessor there who said whatever course it is make sure its a new one because jounalism changes so rapidly and we will be in that course for 3 going to canberra they just opened a new course...
  9. alisondance


    Off to the uni of Canberra, which from where i live is 4 hours away. anyone know of any scholarships for like community service or other things? it seems the only ones i can find are for those in the ATSI group, the socioeconomically disadvantaged and thats about it? i realize they...
  10. alisondance

    Christian Chemist refuses sale of contraceptives

    he doesnt stock condoms or the morning after pill, he does stock the pill but will only give it to you if it if for non contraceptive purposes.
  11. alisondance

    Drinking age raised to 21?

    making drinking more of a taboo just makes you want to do it more! as stupid as it may seem whether it works or not i think the victorians have an idea - children are allowed in a bar and to have 1 drink in the presence of an adult , like not a 5 yr old but say a teenager. positives and...
  12. alisondance

    Christian Chemist refuses sale of contraceptives

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't stock condoms or the morning after pill, but if you want the pill its has to be used for non contraceptive purposes e.g. skin care. He did give a letter out to those wanting these products explaining his decision and asking them to go to other places for the product...
  13. alisondance

    Man rapes woman in unisex toilet

    i knoooooowwwww!!! hahaha we were like ummm do you wana wash your hands, again. grrooooosssssssss.
  14. alisondance

    Christian Chemist refuses sale of contraceptives

    So in my local town an issue has arisen which has caused varying opinions to arise. A local chemist has refused the sale of contraceptives including condoms, the pill, and the morning after pill. He is apparently not breaching the pharmacist code of conduct (though we were not shown this)...
  15. alisondance

    Man rapes woman in unisex toilet

    yeah ive seen a fair few uni sex toilets - prepare for gross but funny at the time story, clearly my young friend had never been in a male or unisex toilet she washed her hands in the urinal not realizing what it was!! ewww basically the problem in this case is not unisex toilets, he could have...
  16. alisondance

    Is smacking a child ever acceptable?

    haha ill try that out then ;) so what is your stance on smacking im curious now?
  17. alisondance

    good idea for xtra marks

    intruging i wonder how it will go? my thought is it will be sent to the correct marking station after they realize they've been 'sent the wrong question' where the student number will reveal one has already been submitted for that question and as they are the same there will be no added marks...
  18. alisondance

    Is smacking a child ever acceptable?

    any other ideas? i mean ones that replace smacking and physical violence altogether?
  19. alisondance

    Special Provisions

    yeah i get what you mean, i think although some people have reasons they are able to deal with it - like one of the guys at my school - though play this disability up in the HSC getting special provisions which they dnt necessarily need - like they don't get them for class work or other exams...
  20. alisondance

    Is smacking a child ever acceptable?

    im interested in the varied opinions. what other techniques would you use to prevent physically smacking a child? just wondering what alternatives there are purely out of curiosity, this is not a mocking tone or anything im not saying they are better or worse then smacking just after other ideas?