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    HSC Agriculture Exam

    Gtfo, this isn't biology. Sorry, it's not my fault that I get to play with the farm animals whilst the most you guys do is 'tickle' the leaf of a plant :D
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    Umad? :P Haha and look at this guy saying go hard \/ He knows all of it ;)

    Umad? :P Haha and look at this guy saying go hard \/ He knows all of it ;)
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    HSC Agriculture Exam

    Well, basically what bio-security is...I talked about FSANZ's implementation of food labels, then about AQIS and the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (Gene Technology Act 2000). Also, talked about the safety measures one must take to grow GM crops on farms and to carry out research. I...
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    HSC Agriculture Exam

    Lol dont think so. It was about direct marketing, vertical integration, cooperatives, marketing boards and contracting. Think there was one other...Family farm? I talked about all of them + commercials and newspapers. I think a lot of people did the latter. i.e. newspaper, commercials...
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    HSC Agriculture Exam

    Lol. Low 'standards' o-o Well we learn about soils, plant production, animal production and biotechnology/ genetically modified organisms. It's fun :D MUCH MORE INTERESTING THAN BIO. :DD
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    Meeeeeeeeeeee =)
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    When will Ruse's #1 position streak end?

    Simply, never. #Wildspeculation.
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    Anyone else off to Japan?

    LOL FARROUT I WANT TO GO JAPAN! Talked about it with people...but going is a totally different matter :(((
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    HAHA YOU DONT FINISH TILL NEXT WEEK! SUCKED IN :D Jks...posthsc is kind of boring for me...

    HAHA YOU DONT FINISH TILL NEXT WEEK! SUCKED IN :D Jks...posthsc is kind of boring for me already :'( ...
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    HSC Agriculture Exam

    Haha, I find it funny how there's no 'thoughts on ag' thread :DDD I'm guessing most people finish today with physics lols. GL!
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    Oh right lol. yep thanks again haha~
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    Haha, that was kind of like the answers. I was wondering, how you knew how to manipulate it like that? Ah okay thanks :>)
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    I agree with all of them relating, some better than others. But you're very mistaken about Deane, he was one of the speeches that pretty much underpinned time and place.
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    I was glad that I understood the Mod C question, unlike the ones Ive seen. Module A was okay I guess. Mod B on the otherhand, *forgets Deane and instead writes about Atwood* :/ apart from answering the q in relation to place, I hope I answered the q? :blink2:
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    I was wondering if anyone could help find the oblique asymptote for: f(x)=x^3/(1-x)^2 I got y=x but the answers said it was y=x+2 and then solved it without dividing highest power...
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    URGENT :/ What technique is this?

    Dude, it's word choice.
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    URGENT: Halving the interval

    Actually, nvm didn't realise question said interval. So it's closer to 1 since the root lies with the INTERVAL 0.5 and 1. :bomb: Thanks again haha.
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    URGENT: Halving the interval

    Okay that's what I thought but answers say otherwise...maybe I'll just ask again LOL. Thanks Sharkey ^.^
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    URGENT: Halving the interval

    Okay, so even after consulting the head teacher at school, I'm still confused... Question: let f(x)=x^3+5x^2+17x-10. function has one real root. i) show that root lies between 0 and 2. ii) use one application of halving the interval method to find smaller interval containing the root...
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    Quad polynomials help

    yeah my bad, was in a rush.