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  1. CatOnAHorse

    animal science help!

    Anytime :) helps when I actually know a bit about it. Even if you don't want to stay working at Taronga it might be a good starting point or way to get a job elsewhere. It's just what I've heard. Looks like you want to do exactly what I want to haha. Shame I didn't get enough ahh. But yea I...
  2. CatOnAHorse

    animal science help!

    Haha, exactly the same as what i wanted to do but I got 72.75 so you're doing better than me. I was going to do Science at UNSW and major in the bioscience(zoology&botany) and minor in zoology, because apparently they have good links to Taronga Zoo there. CSU and UWS courses are quite fun but...
  3. CatOnAHorse

    Uws vs usyd

    my bro did the sports science degree at sydney uni and really wishes he changed to physio when he had the chance, he ended up staying til the end and now he's doing a post grad in physio. he was given the chance to change to physio 6 months into his course and didn't and by the time he figured...
  4. CatOnAHorse

    Possible to transfer (Low ATAR?)

    It most certainly depends on the subjects you do and how they scale. Such as how my Chemistry mark was considered higher than my dance mark even though my chemistry hsc mark was an entire 10 marks less than dance. Also how well your school does against others and how good your assessment marks...
  5. CatOnAHorse

    hey nancy lol sorry i don't use bored of studies very often lol

    hey nancy lol sorry i don't use bored of studies very often lol
  6. CatOnAHorse

    Have you ever donated blood?

    lol that'd be awesome haha. ye i give blood every 12 weeks & my bro gives plasma every 4. we're hardcore lol. i would do more often but life is too busy when ur a teenager doing the HSC lol.
  7. CatOnAHorse

    Schools Spectacular!

    oh and as for the boys!!! Well I was cheering XD. It was so good watching that piece because the hip hop from the 2007 was disappointing I had my expectations low, and then you came out with that!!! That boys group was so awesome!!!! I'm gonna miss it so much. The atmosphere, the friends, the...
  8. CatOnAHorse

    Schools Spectacular!

    sorry it only took me forever to respond I just came back on here on a whim. yea how awesome waws the tap routine but??!! lol I ended up on the stage for the most part with 2 other girls due to missing the first rehearsal lol! I also missed the ballet auditions because the faxes came too late to...
  9. CatOnAHorse

    **UAI 100, UNSW Medicine student: Tutoring for Chemistry + Maths Ext. 1 & 2**

    aah man if only u lived closer! Very impressive UAI i might add well done (Y)
  10. CatOnAHorse

    Do you need a laptop??

    hmm coming from someone in yr 8 who's never been to uni, clearly insightful. well it depends really on what u want to do with it. My brother has been to uni for several years now doing a sport science and medical degree and has never really needed to use it. Some people just prefer it (like...
  11. CatOnAHorse

    How is Co-60 Formed

    lol well although that took a hell of a lot of convincing, it came in handy for my chem research im doing atm haha
  12. CatOnAHorse

    Schools Spectacular!

    I know this is slightly off topic to the HSC dance course but I was wondering who here was doing schools spec 2008 or whether you did it in 2007 and what u thought of it. I did it in 2007 and enjoyed every moment. It's great meeting all the new ppl and having general fun on such a large scale. I...