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    Accommodation at Bathurst

    I think you can do a virtual campus tour on the CSU website :)
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    Veterinary Science 2012

    To get an early round offer from CSU (around 3rd January from memory) you must have it as your first preference. If it wasn't your 1st preference for the early round you could still get a main round offer though. Good luck :)
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    UAC Cut-offs and List of Offers 2012

    Re: Full List of 2012 Main/Early Round offers Thanks for the suggestion Rafy, but that doesn't work either - I guess it's a problem with my computer, not the link.
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    CSU Wagga 2012

    Well done!! Since I'm doing Vet, I'll probably see you around :)
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    Riproot's awesome raw marks

    Thank you for posting these Riproot! Please add your others when you receive them :)
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    over 90?

    If I could offer some advice: - Get to know your syllabus' (the syllabus is your friend!). After all, you can be examined on anything that it contains. - Do HSC past papers (and trials or half yearly exams from other schools or previous years at your school if you can get your hands on...
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    UAC Cut-offs and List of Offers 2012

    Re: Full List of 2012 Main/Early Round offers I can't open the file :(
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    Post Your 2012 University Offers Here!

    B of Veterinary Science / B of Veterinary Biology at Charles Sturt University in Wagga :) First preference and I got an early round offer so I'm very happy!!
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    Becoming a swagman?

    I would suggest contacting a rural employment agency. Fruit picking work should be available at most times of the year, and there is also demand for farm workers on wheat and canola farms at harvest time.
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    some one who got a 97.30 ATAR without studying?

    If this girl genuinely didn't study a lot, I envy her. I got an atar over 97 but a lot of time and hard work went into it.
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    What do you guys think of this

    Well hopefully more places will mean more people get to undertake the course they had their hearts set on, so I think it is positive.
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    haha good stalking Riproot :)

    haha good stalking Riproot :)
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    Genuinely scared, seeking answers.

    An ATAR of 85 (or more) is still possible. The fact is, you can't change the results of your first assessments so just focus on what you CAN do now. Work hard and you can do it!
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    PREP / Early entry

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    Should I be worried

    Early January offers are only for courses listed as 1st preferenc, to answer your question :) Good luck :)
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    Offer question, help plz =]

    Some Universities and courses don't offer early entry rounds, even if you get well above the ATAR cut - off. Good luck :)
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    Veterinary Science 2012

    Thank you and good luck :)
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    Veterinary Science 2012

    Did anyone else receive an offer today?!?!
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    First in Course List

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    CSU Wagga 2012

    Yes, my ATAR is luckily well over 90 and it's my 1st preference. I have heard Animal Science is great so even if that's what I get into I'll be happy. You'll love it!