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    Agriculture as a subject

    lol sounds more interesting than ouor yr 11 trial.... we did weight trial on grass.... it was pretty boring really... lol
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    What did everyone think?

    Lol i was going to do that question in paper 1!!! but then i figured i didnt know about the whole decomposition thing lol I planned to ramble about how rotating crops ensures that minerals such as molybdenum are not leeched from the soil etc lmao then I opted for Q8... and ditto paper 2 was...
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    What did everyone think?

    I used the Equine Morbillivirus for the disease, cause & symptoms part lol but considered using ephemeral fever... :)
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    What did everyone think?

    Loved paper 1! really good questions, lol 7 1/2 page essay for Q8 really happy with it all!!!! (excluding the SD question lol) Paper 2... didn't like it at all... the animal management question was good... however I struggled with the others... planned to do sustainability option, instead opted...
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    V8 Supercars 2008

    Lmfao... hold on... hes still 'making his options clear' but hopefully he does retire.... as a wise driver once said "the sooner he retires, the better it will be for all of us!!!' lmao ditto, a GREAT day for aussie motorsport (it took long enough!!! haha)
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    V8 Supercars 2008

    It'll b interesting to see which drivers change 'camps' in 2009... there is currently talk of Will Davison moving to HRT (which will become a 3 car team) with tander driving the other hrt car and skaife driving a 'green' car (gosh i hope not lol!!!)... Haven't heard the one about T8 moving to...
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    favourite cars

    Boss-302 FPV Cobra GT Ford GT-HO Phase III FPV F6 Typhoon 1967 Shelby GT500 Ford F-100 FG Falcon V8 Supercar :P I wish!!!
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    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    The things that annoy me most when im driving would be: the people who drive mega slow. the people who somehow manage to enter the roundabouts in the wrong direction and proceed to drive around it the wrong way!! argg People who drive on the wrong side of the road, and they think that they...
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    Top 'speed' done and where?

    150km/h... some highway... near sydney.... the speed limit was 80km due to road works... i kinda wasnt watching the speedo... whilst going down a huge hill lmfao
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    Primary Industries

    Yeah I thought it was a pretty good exam... all the questions suited and yeah I was really happy with it :D But then again... Primary Industries is usually pretty easy lolz
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    Gwen Harwood

    I used 'At Mornington' and 'The Violets' with reference to 'Father and Child'
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    Module A

    Our teacher always said to never use a given quote in an opening paragraph... she told us that the answer would look somewhat standard (due to taking the point about starting with the quote literally, apparently we are meant to base our intro around the quote and incorporate it into latter...
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    Creative writing lol..

    lolz I also did the 'curious travellers' question... I chose to write about a lone stockman who discovers a herd of brumbies whilst he is riding through the scrubland in outback australia, he decides to attempt to capture one of the animals, and is led on a wild chase throughout the remote...
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    Physical Journey: "Human Spirit"

    yeah I managed about 10 pages, I was going to keep writing... then I looked at the time and thought I had better complete Q 1 & 2.... I only had 1 hour left :S woops lol
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    Physical Journey: "Human Spirit"

    I was very happy to see this question, (I was expecting the worst... ie a radio transcript or something of the like :S) it tied in with my both of my chosen ort's very well (ort: 2008 television advertisement for Bathurst 1000 & 'Flicka') . I basically said that a stong human spirit was...
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    Creative Writting stories

    My teacher always said 'If the story comes into your mind straight away its probably a predictable storyline that 1000 other people will think up' she told us to think it over and see if we could get any more out of the question... I guess too many stories about boy meets girl, they fall in...