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    Serious advice needed :)

    Yes. That's a good breakdown. But I'd also point out that getting a credit average is not difficult with a bit of effort. Especially in a BA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Serious advice needed :)

    Do your first year pre-reqs, get a head start on International Relations (you can do all your junior units in first sem: GOVT1105 and GOVT1201 and then start second year subjects sem 2 of first year), do well and then transferring across to BA/BMC requires a credit average. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Serious advice needed :)

    When you are deciding between B. Arts and B. Media/International Studies then yeah. Of course you should choose based on university. I wouldn't suggest someone do a science degree at USYD rather than the B. Laws they wanted to do somewhere else. When the degrees are very similar, university...
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    Serious advice needed :)

    Go to usyd. This isn't a superiority thing, but you should always prioritise your preference of uni to your preference of course. University is as much about meeting like-minded people, many of whom you'll end up working with and broadening your horizons as it is about getting a degree. Moreso...
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    USYD Roll Call 2014

    B. Information Technology (Computer Science) / B. Arts (English and Government and International Relations) II Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Subject Selections 2014

    I'm overloading as I'm transferring from a B. Science to BIT/BA and I'm trying to finish in 4 years. Sem 1: ENGL1008 ENGL1009 COMP2129 ISYS2140 INFO2820 Sem 2: GOVT1105 GOVT1201 COMP2121 COMP2907 INFO2110 Only subject I'm dreading is ISYS2140. Looks awful. Otherwise all quite promising...
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    Sydney Uni Text

    Re: Offers and text msg Know that feel. All 7 preferences USYD. :chainsaw2:
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    Sydney Uni Text

    Re: Offers and text msg A lot of people are getting them, myself included. It's only Sydney Uni that's done it, they've just sent the texts at 9am instead of 9pm. It's the same number I got my offer text from last year (I started uni last year and have transferred)
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    10% Over is acceptable?

    10% of 4500 is 450. 4500 + 450 = 4950. So 4950 words is 10% over.
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    Word Limit..If It's Over Or Under, Will You Get Away With It?

    I wouldn't take any chances. If you do get a great mark, they usually count the words to make sure you've met specifications (or so I've been told). I'm writing a script, no word count :D
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    Script writers unite, feeling lonely

    I'm writing a split narrative tragedy. I love absurdist plays, Stoppard is my personal favourite writer in that genre, but I think writing in it would drive me, quite suitably, insane.
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    Script writers unite, feeling lonely

    Who is doing a script this year, even better if you're writing a stageplay? I've noticed this forum has gone very dark, very few if any posts. We must unite and push back the hordes of short stories and critical responses. Just hoping I'm not the only one :uhoh:
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    Class of 2012: Roll Call Ext 2 Eng

    Erm... Well, hello 1 month before it's all due, haha. Zach, I'm one of about three people in the entire statewide course writing a stageplay.