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    How to get a WSU ID when you don't go there?

    I go to UNSW, but the WSU Parramatta library is close to home. Recently I've realised that they have started checking IDs during weekends. Is there a way to get WSU ID by enrolling in to a course perhaps for free?
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Wait so both of these are added now?
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    S1/17 WAM Predictions

    WTF got 0 for my FINS2624 finals if the WAM glitch is right.
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    Should I do Actuarial Studies again?

    I took 2 actuarial subjects last year (ACTL2111 and ACTL2131) and didn't get exemptions for both. So did straight comm subjects the semester after in hopes of dropping Actuarial studies. But now I feel like I want to give it another shot. The question I have is, would I have a good chance of...
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    Leanancy of Internal Transfer

    Got finals in 4 hours. I'm 100% sure I'm gonna screw it up.
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    Leanancy of Internal Transfer

    I do Actuarial/Comm at unsw right now. I'm wondering if I can transfer to Comp sci/comm but don't meet the wam requirement by quite a bit. Do you guys think they'd accept my transfer?
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    UNSW 2015 Sem 2 Results Thread

    My dick is too.
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    Do I need a laptop for uni?

    Uni is starting soon and I'm not sure if I need a laptop for uni. I'm doing a degree in actuarial studies and have a desktop at home for myself. So do I really need to take a laptop to uni or can I manage notetaking with pen and a notebook?
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    Decrypting my teacher's commnet?

    I got my trial Hamlet essay back and surprisingly I quite underperformed, as I got 13/20, though I have achieved a better mark for Hamlet in the test we had before. In the teacher's comment the main critique was my hand writing as she mentions, "Your hand writing is extremely difficult to read...
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    Help! I am addicted to porn and masturbation!!!

    I have my trials in a couple of weeks but I can't seem to get myself to study cause I keep jacking off and watching porn. I haven't done any past paper, haven't finished studying, can someone please help me. What should I do to get myself out of this pedicament?
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    Poor performance in chemistry

    My rank for MX2 at half yearly was around 17/33, however I had an assessment after that, I did quite bad in it, therefore would have gone down couple of places. I heard that a lot of people do get E4 in MX2, and heard that only 3 didn't last year, but I'm still not too sure. Well, think I'll...
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    Poor performance in chemistry

    I haven't been doing well in my chemistry assessments. For the first one I got the last on my class and for the second one I got average. My current chemistry rank is 66/75 and my school rank is around 50.I'm wondering if it is possible to redeem my self and get a band 6 in chemistry? I don't...
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    Can I get 99+ ATAR?

    As of this date, my rank in my school is 53 and my ATAR estimate is 93. My school ranking is around 30. If I study my butt off, and ace the trials and HSC, do I have the slightest chance of getting an ATAR above 99. And I was thinking of doing choosing med as my future career path. If I...