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    Site Redesign Competition ($300 Prize!)

    Any decent designs catch a mod's/admin's eye?
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    HSC Chemistry Notes

    I've replaced the notes. Now using Mediafire.
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    HSC Physics Notes

    I've replaced the notes. Now using Mediafire.
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    Men's Bags

    I did a satchel for uni in the first year, and it hurts your shoulder if you need to take a lot of stuff. Now that I ride into uni, I have to have a backpack and it's far better to carry stuff and much more practical to be honest. Otherwise, just check out luggage/bag stores because you can...
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    What have you eaten today?

    4 wheatbix + sugar + milk salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, onion, cheese, lemon) chocolate milk + icy pole numerous cups of water
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    What Phone Do You Use?

    White iPhone 4S 16GB
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    Halp me!

    Halp me!
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    The Tennis Thread

    Re: The Official Tennis Thread I said this at the start of the tournament that Azarenka will win the women's and Murray will win the men's. I hope my predictions come to fruition.
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    Republican Primaries

    Oh wow. I don't know what to think. I both like and hate him for that! My intrigue of space exploration says "shit yeah", my economically-aware mind thinks "what's he smoking and who does he plan on blowing".
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    Scientists urge unis to axe alternative medicine courses

    If students are dumb enough to believe this stuff and take courses in them, so be it. Universities will look trashy by offering them and they shouldn't do so in the first place.
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    I only just noticed the comments you left in my rep box; ohhai I say.

    I only just noticed the comments you left in my rep box; ohhai I say.
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    Accomodation at Newcastle

    I know them both actually.
  14. Aquawhite

    Accomodation at Newcastle

    Who are you hoping to live with, Pat?
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    How often do you study?

    Great philosophy for study. I don't have hours, just do it until it's necessary or if I feel I need to have the knowledge (or if it is interesting).
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    Most awkward question you've asked a teacher?

    What's your favourite position? Asked this of my Year 12 Physics teacher.
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    Outfit of the Day

    Showing' off dem big guns. You r b strong.
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    Do you have to buy textbook before class

    Your tutorials will be run a week behind your lectures. Most likely tutorials will not run in the first week because otherwise there is nothing to be taught in the tutorial.
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    When does uni start?

    Check the academic calendar for 2012 on the UWS site.
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    Neuroscience is a major option for the BSc at USyd (mind you, I think they are advanced subjects though). I would recommend taking a few psychology courses - they aren't all that bad.