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  1. J

    Option: Astrophysics

    I thought each option was designed so that when it's done each is as hard as any other. I know at school we had Quanta and Astro and one age of silicon, and the top guys in Quanta got 2 more that the top guys in astro but it didn't scale at all. The H-R diagram was very difficult given the...
  2. J

    Option: Astrophysics

    I just converted Au to pc and then did the equation. But having just done it again it seems it works straight anyway....
  3. J

    Option: Astrophysics

    I did radio telescopes and CCD's, which I think is way off..... How did everyone do the question with the Sun's magnitude as viewed on Saturn...?
  4. J

    Option: Astrophysics

    My H-R diagram took me ages; I drew it up and it looked wrong before I worked out the scale was supposed to be logarithmic. Other than that it wasn't too bad, although I'm not sure but I think they wanted you to talk more about active/adaptive optics for the essay question, so maybe I didn't do...
  5. J

    Advice on maximising marks in english paper 1

    Know your techniques really well for section one (Visual, language techniques etc.) Also, look at what it's actually worth in terms of marks and spend time accordingly, i.e. the first question will be worth one or two marks at most, and only wants a sentence long answer. For the creative...
  6. J

    Is anyone else over the HSC?

    Totally over it, but as has been pointed out there is little over two months to go. Did anybody else start their trials really late??? It's Thursday 9/8/2007 and I've only just completed English paper 1 and 2. And I have extension tomorrow.....