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    Discrete Maths (DMTH137)

    B of Information Technology, core unit >.> Not like I would pick it as an elective... Withdrew from the course just to delay the inevitable...
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    Discrete Maths (DMTH137)

    FML! Hard shit
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    Mid Year Transfer

    What are the factors/ criteria when transferring to another Uni in the mid year intake? Info: I'm currently doing a B of IT @ Macquarie Uni, I got an ATAR of 73.00 and want to transfer to a B of Computing/Maths (72.10) @ UTS in semester 2. Cheers
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    Discrete Maths (DMTH137)

    How hard is this subject for a student who done General Maths in High School?
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    Credit Points?

    yeah I'm @ Macquarie. Thanks for the replies.
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    Credit Points?

    Hi there. Just wondering if credit points are a standard unit of measurement. I'm asking as the course I'm doing now is requires 72 credit points and the same course at another Uni is 144 points? Does this mean they twice as much work is being done in the same time frame (3 years) or...
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    Belonging AOS Poem

    Hi there. Could y'all recommend me a poem on the AOS of belonging but uses language techniques more complex than similes, metaphors, imagery and alliteration etc. Cheers
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    The organising process?

    What are some examples of computer and non computer based methods of the process of organising? Thankz in advance!
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    Anyone have the short answers questions?
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    >>The entire paper here<<

    Thankz very much for the exam scans man!
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    Re: best/worst attendance ??? Anyone know what is the minimum no. of % of attendance to receive a Preliminary Certificate? Can you get an N award for having >x% attendance?
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    Can Someone Answer This?

    I think for question a, that the dates are not query friendly
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    UNI Ranks

    Just wondering what people perceive as the top Universities in Sydney, from what i heard it UNSW & University of Sydney. Aso is Charles Stuart University a joke? Which ones excel in IT sector, from what i have heard going to UNI is hopeless if you want a career in IT as it is all theory...
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    OH&S Manual Handling

    I dont know if the answeres your question but anyway, bend knees when lifting. My teacher was also saying that one had to put habe a harnes or a chain strapped to something if your working at heights, though he was using a construction job as an example.
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    To those who are considering to do this subject

    i dont think its that bad, its just the damn OHS that makes me angry, its great if you want a subject that does not require to much studying unlike maths or economics.