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    What makes a guy/girl UNattractive?

    I kind of like his peter pan complex & the fact that he doesn't care for fashion or consumerism & the fact that he does drugs like I do coffee & the fact that he's bad with english & sucks at turning emotion into words ..all things i didnt think i'd like in a person but hey :) people can be...
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    Re: Liberal Studies

    ^^ yea i took a look at the course outline (bless BoS... for possibly that reason only...) it sounds really interesting, not at all what I thought philosophy would be.
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    Re: Liberal Studies

    I think either philosophy (I had a talk with the psych rep at the open day, and she said philosophy would probably help out the most in terms of the style of study or something like that...), english or sociology.. and french or spanish I'm pretty doubtful you can do medical science as part of...
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    Laneway Festival - 02 March 2008

    hey for anyone that got tix off the moshtix website, how do we get into the festival? the good vibes ones i bought were emailed to me.. but nothing for st jeromes, & i cant remember what the site said (& am too lazy to go look..) but oOft! presets! feist! gotye! fkyea!
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    The Bible

    yet in every other aspect of life, those who believe without proof are considered foolish. i just don't get it.
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    Re: Liberal Studies

    what are you thinking of doing? sure thing, i'll let you know how it goes!
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    St. Barnabas's Terraces

    Anyone stayed there?
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    Re: Liberal Studies

    It really really depends on what you choose. I.e. I'm going to do psychology as my science major, so that will open the field for me to do honours in psych & get accredited as a psychologist, or the marketing/hr jobs that non-acredited psych students can get into If you chose geophysics as your...
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    The Bible

    ok I have a question, where is the proof? Why do you believe in the Bible?
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    Board of Studies reveals 2004 raw marks

    hey so will the 07'ers ever get their raws?
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    I got 30 or below UAI.

    This WILL make you guys better people. best to fail at something as insignificant as the HSC (in the long run, its pretty much a non-event) and learn how to pick yourself up from it, than something more important down the track :) ETA: Don't 30% of the state get 30 and below? I thought thats...
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    Could you printscreen the HSC result and the UAI page?

    hope it works for you! remember you have to back it up though. goodluck :-)
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    i'm looking forward to it! i just want to know. hahah but i def wont be getting up at 6 to find out, fk that!
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    WOOO! shortlisted for scholarship!

    apparently they send out rejection / 'youre shortlisted' letters about now, one of my friends got a rejection letter, theyre supposed to come by the end of november... i'm still waiting!!
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    formal/graduation- how much are willing to spend?

    blacksunset, you look gorgeous! i think if you have the money for it then why the hell not? obviously she prioritised the night over.. whatever else you people spend your money on, good for her. my dress was 200, shoes 40 (payless, ftw!! and they're the most comfy heels ive ever put on my...
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    Notes for future HSC-ers!

    yep i do too, i did acts of reading and writing though and i've got some essays etc that got great marks! so pm me if you want them, it would be a shame to let this stuff go to waste
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    General thoughts?

    hmm i hope that scaling up the harder options thing is true, i did acts of reading and writing & its apparently alot harder than the others.. atleast, there were no resources for it because no-one does it!
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    Genetics? Thoughts?

    pretty sure that graph thing was ten.. i was like bah! easy! i didnt even think it could have been a trick. meh.
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    Genetics? Thoughts?

    research on cloning, what were they looking for? i wrote a whole heap of crap.. mainly about sources i didnt use.. and didnt really relate it much to the process of cloning except to say that some sources didnt go into detail about quiescence or the electric charge used or something like that...
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    short answers

    for the oxygen one i said it needed to be monitored because if levels drop too low it leads to hypoxia which can cause brain death 8 marker.. a whole lot of bs about kangaroos and eucalypts and how australia used to be rainforesty but got drier & how thats kinda similar to temp increase, and...