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    What is each uni good for?

    In general, umm, no. UTS Ku-Ring-Gai and I can believe Um when he says Newcastle. I think USyd has the wood on UNSW for sciences?
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    Question about Pin Numbers

    Don't worry about it. It seems you get a different PIN number this year anyway. I did and so did others. :) It'll prob be in the mail soon. You do a DC this year, correct?
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    Not Australia necessarily. The industry is relatively small. :) Anyway a lack of cases doesn't mean it's not an issue. It is definitely an issue. Everyone is trying to cover their arses down there at the moment. Things like terrain parks, if a kid smacks himself up on a rail or something. The...
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    If I give you my to-do list will you do the stuff on it? :) (btw it's just scribbled down on paper in chronological order)
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    NE1 doin a language 4 da HSC?

    What? On a Saturday?
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    PIN number

    haha yeh my pin number is diff to last year too.
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    Uni Choices

    So in other words "here's your shit UAI, now go and lower those preferences"? :D Funny how they anticipate that sort of reaction. It's because they're eeevil and they know it.:chainsaw:
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    converting swf files

    Go here. :) http://www.imagematics.com/Support/SWF%20in%20powerpoint.htm
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    Important Question!

    Social life: College or UTS Ku-Ring-Gai (hot chicks too). Education: Degree dependent. Out of those four, Newcastle is a good combination of both I think. :) However I really don't think it's wise choosing a Uni based on the social life it offers. It's a time where we're meant to start...
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    Wow what a cynical bunch. Is it not even remotely possible that people are genuinely interested in both? I know I am although I will choose med over law if I get into med. I did work experience with a surgeon, it was fascinating. No one would ever be bored doing med I reckon. If I did a...
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    UMAT TODAY!! how do u think you went

    Yeah it was 'not possible'. I found every scenario to be possible. The thing that made the difference for me was when it said something like "species Z is not on islands R or S" or something, I took that as meaning they could possibly be on T or U. If they were definitely on T or U then the...
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    UMAT TODAY!! how do u think you went

    The one with islands R S T & U better not count because I thought there was no correct answer for that either (I drew a diagram and looked at it for 5 mins at the end of the section). Of course I selected a token answer at the end but... yeah. The snail one was these 5 pentagons with a...
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    UMAT TODAY!! how do u think you went

    Yeah fucken hell that pissed me off. I just started the pattern with the snail upright so hopefully that's what they wanted.
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    Favourite Cricket Star

    Gilchrist as well.
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    Are these the best days of our lives??

    Looks like I'm the only other person who agrees with you so far. :)
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    99.99 Uai!!!

    I think you must've mis-read 99.9 as 99.99. Obviously 99.9 is the same as 99.90. :) Only increments of 0.05.
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    What course u think u'll get in ('03)

    A UAI of 90 is more like the top 15% of the state, not top 10%. :) I am considering: - Med at UNSW OR - Adv science/commerce at USyd. UMAT might decide that for me (ie: if I screw it). I might just do adv science (at Sydney, which is 96) if I decide I will aim to transfer to sci/law...
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    biomed engineering / advanced science

    Surely there is another difference?
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    I am in the Wentworth Function Centre. 8am (so leave home at 6:30am). :(
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    getting above 99.5+

    I'm in the same situation. I wanted 99.5 at the start (and yr 11 indicated to me that it was possible) but now I'll be happy with 98. (it's not that I over estimated, my ranks have taken a pounding this year due to a number of reasons).