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    I dont' see why you have to put an age on it. I think it's something you do when your ready. Granted think you need to be able to understand the concept and the emotions that that go with it. But i was 16, I was ready and I enjoy sex (I didn't love it the first few times), it's fun! It bring a...
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    The First Kiss

    Eugh.... my first kiss was awkward. lol... I'm glad I got it out of the way.
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    Lots of teasing... make him want it really bad. Build up lots of suspense and tension. Makes the actual sex better.
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    Any other dancers here?

    I lowered my dance load from 6 days to 3 days through the HSC and I noticed that my fitness decresed I didn't realise it would have such an impact. But the days that I used to dance but I stopped I went for a run instead. It just meant that I still got some excercise but it only took half an...
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    I Got Nominated For Encore!!! Yeewww

    I'm in!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
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    Extension 2 dance

    I chose dance because I love it! Same as I chose my other subjects! Why would I do legal studies and get a crap mark because I don't like it, when I could do dance and get a good mark because I enjoy it?
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    are you a english or maths person?

    neither- I'm a performing arts person.
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    Presents for your significant other

    Don't ask me I have the most unromantic bf. He is thoughtful but I don't always want car accessories (woofers in my boot, new seat covers- so much shit i don't want/need in my car) he has his moments when he buys me tickets to stuff or good CDs and I have some nice jewellery too.
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    How tall are you?

    I'm 164- I'm fair sure I have hardly changed since I was like 15.
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    What motivates you to exercise?

    I LOVE exercise- it is so fun playing a game of soccer with friends, or using alone gym time to reflect, or going to dancing and pushing yourself so far that your legs turn to jelly! It's the best feeling knowin you have nothing more to give! Also I take pride in what I look like and I'm...
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    Age Difference

    Yeah I agree, but I also think that when your young you have to be careful. Like some older guys can use young girls especially becase girls are quite naive when they are 14/15/16. But as long as it's happy. There is like a year and a bit between me and my boyfriend.
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    Penis Size... does it matter?

    Penis size doesn't matter to much if you are dating and really like to guy- because you are in it for him not just the sex. But a big one helps because pleasure is important! :)
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    Event Management Help

    uts ku-ring-gai campus do a BA Managemen events and leisure OR sport and recreation
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    what TYPE of school do u go to?

    Re: Public School vs. Private I go to a private school and like our facilities are beautiful and we have great teachers and grounds. Our rules are tough but no one really cares. People seem to have this misconception about private schools creating better citizens and having the upper hand- not...
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    what size bed?

    I have a queen but I don't have a problem sleeping in singles.
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    Where do you reckon is the best suburb to live in Sydney?

    I suppose it depends on what you need as to where you live. I love where I live because the buses run so frequently, it isn't overcrowded so I don't get stuck in too much traffic when driving. nice shops. Right near the city. Mad close to school. But no trains. I think that like noth sydney...
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    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    just bought dress at Scanlan and Theodore yesterday.
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    Hooking up after Oral sex

    Sex in the car is great, but I do love sex in the shower there is something about being wet already that is really hott. He has a hottub on his back porch which is nice and spacey- never done bathtub will try it.
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    AFL thread. :D

    I'm a Sydney Swans girl through and through!! :) We have an okay fixture. Playing both Geelong and the Hawthorn twice in the season isn't ideal. We also play Collingwood, Lions, Carlton, St Kilda and Richmond twice. I'm so happy we are keeping Ryan O'Keefe for four years! :)