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    would you go interstate?????

    not necessarily true for you but in my case and with all my friends i am paying substantially less than them. i'm out in the suburbs but even when i was looking closer to the city i was still getting a much better deal.
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    would you go interstate?????

    i'm making the interstate move. from tamworth :rolleyes: to brisbane. it hasn't been that much of an issue so far. i'm paying about 1/2 as much rent as my friends who are going to sydney, newcastle and armidale. plus i dont start for another 2 weeks so i get to say goodbye to all my friends...
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    regional schools - how did you go?

    jason i do not start the fights. just because i refuse to listen to you ramble on about something you are wrong about so i correct you then you try and correct me and then the cycle starts does not mean that i start them. it is you who is unwilling to accept that you are wrong not me. i am...
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    regional schools - how did you go?

    aww josh baby you know you love me. but not as much as i love you. :D
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    Bands that you hate

    thankyou. :D
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    regional schools - how did you go?

    miss you already josh. mwah! hahaha.
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    regional schools - how did you go?

    oh no josh baby what are you going to do now that you cant lust after a girl you met for 2 hours months ago. your life has come to an end. oh no wait. there's always those fantasies where she breaks up with him b/c she's fallen in love with you. forget what i said. your lifes not over. :) jason...
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    sigur ros anyone?

    i love sigur ros. its the music that makes me sleep at night. so mellow and not at the same time???? i know that makes no sense but i just cant explain it. beautiful.
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    Bands that you hate

    i have to totally disagree with everyone who has said that aus music is shit. of course there are going to be the people who try and copy the american way to make money but what about bands like george or something for kate. jbt. the waifs. independant aus music is some of the best in the world...
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    Best albums of 2002

    this was the year that i discovered all those cd's that you bought but never really listened to. blame the hsc and too many hours studying. so these are my fav's that i discovered this year, not released this year. mick hart: still the flowers bloom. gorgeous lyrics and the viola is excellent...
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    regional schools - how did you go?

    Re: Re: Hey Alys hey alys. what an awesome ex2 mark. although there was never any doubt that you were going to do that well your work was awesome and i'm still waiting for you to email it to me so i can have a read!!!!!! i so want to see how everything came about. i totally agree with you...
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    What uni you off to?

    off to brisbane to do communications. really really wanted the double degree in law and psych or law and criminology but hey i'm not that smart.
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    does DUX=smartest???

    i dont think that dux equals smartest. our dux worked her arse off every day of her school life. she was up at 5 every morning to fit in extra study time. she didn't once go out past 9.30 for the whole yr. she was dedicated in her studies but when it came to life she is a doey as they come. the...
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    Reactions to UAIs!

    moderatly happy. beginning to become happier as i hear some friends marks, brought back down to earth by some other marks. hmm i am soo very average.
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    What didn't count for you?

    half of drama and maths. drama must have scaled really badly cause it was one of my better subjects and it only counted for 1 unit. maths was never going to count. never in a million years. but my maths teacher (one of the sweetest ladies alive) was soo proud that i got over 50. so was i actually
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    2002 UAI's

    82.75. could have been better but it will hopefully get me into what i want to do. :)
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    2002 HSC Marks

    s'ok guys you will all get the high uai's cause there's probably plently of people who fucked it all up like me. :) bio: 78 drama:80 english:79 ex1 english: 38 ex2 english: 37 maths: 58 modern history:79 religion: 44 well i'm off to find something to do that needs a low uai.
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    anything other than performance??

    basically mine was examining louis nowra's play radiance. but within that whether the thematic concerns the "white" playwright deals with are actually the real concerns of aboriginal people in the local community. basicaly did he get it right. bit strange but it left me heaps of room to fill up...
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    regrets-what would you change

    shaz (mum) is a helper in the school canteen. (a very community minded woman, but a canteen nazi) i didn't look at her schedual before i decided to take the day off with my then best friend and her much older boyfriend. she had some stuff that i needed so she was looking for me. long story...
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    regrets-what would you change

    i would have gone to school the day my mum decided to come to school to see me.