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    Going for Rotary Club Scholarship for Engineering. Advice?

    yeah umm rotary is sponsering me $900 for nysf in canberra, so umm be nice and if ur waiting for confirmation why not ring them?
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    Career Choices: What do you want to do in uni/tafe/the workforce? (merged)

    Re: Career Choices: What do you want to do in uni/tafe/the workforce? yeah thats as long as ur UMAT holds u up
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    Study & Exams

    u and i suffer from the same problem. except i've learnt how to handle it. my problem was stress te negative stress made me forget everything. i find that the morning of the exam u should just relax urself and DONT CRAM THE NIGHT BEFORE. listen to some music talk to friends and just chilll. try...
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    Studying patterns

    umm start revising ur notes and and try and spend 1/2 per subject per night just going over stuff u dont understand and just keeping it fresh in ur head. iono if this helps u but aboout 1 month before i hit exams i make notes on butchers paper in mind maps, then i stick them all over the house (...
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    What to drop?

    why do u have to drop anything? or do u think itll give u "more time on ur other subjects".
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    Crucible English?

    ahhh the crucible had so much fun analysing that at the begining of this yr...umm protor holds part of the power play as well and that can be evidenced at 1. the begining we can see that proctors name is revered and respected arthur miller suggests this through hir intrusions " proctor was a...
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    National Youth Science Forum

    yeah my interviews at the end of july too...ur talking about district interviews right? yeah hopefully we'll both get in?
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    Term 2 Holiday Discussion!

    i just have to write up my chem pracs and thats it ..well that and getting ready for maths trials...NEVER BECOME AN ACCELERANT its just not worth it...ruined all my holidays since yr 9. apart from that i havent done much but write up notes for yearly's.... have fun everybody
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    Career Choices: What do you want to do in uni/tafe/the workforce? (merged)

    Re: Career Choices: What do you want to do in uni/tafe/the workforce? o god i know u think dentistry has the highest suicide rate but it doesnt..shrinks take that one out by a long shot..and as for growing up being a dentist i must admit im one of those freaks...well sort of i want to be a...
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    How was your school day?

    chem was heavan.. so much easier than expected..like i talked to mills adn he was like yeh it sohuld have been harder so there goes my theory that our grades smart oh well... physics was good but i screwed it up..it was a hard test its stuff we covered and there wasnt too much...
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    What time do you sleep n get up

    ahh pimple free? i dont think i quite follow..sorry im a bit slow so ull have to spell this one out.... do u mean as in my bodys more relaxed? and thus my skin doesnt suffer as much..cos pimples according to my pediatrician is all about hormones etc...
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    How was your school day?

    aww today was good i think i ddi ok in the chem half yearly and thats the las tof my exams untill maths next week!!! yay only a month of school to go !!!!!!
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    What time do you sleep n get up

    wow u guys must all be sleep deprived and kick ass in all ur subjects if ur staying up so late and going to sleep on such minimal sleep..i'd die in school if i had less than 7 hrs sleep..i just wouldnt retain anything...but hey its winter now so surely ur getting more sleep than summer...sleep...
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    Is anyone doing Anything other than Frankenstein in prelim ext eng?

    were doing a few....we did dangerous liasions, vanity fair and catch 22 and a couple of others...and they dont cheat the rules...our school does imilar things but we dont do them in class we read them on the side for our own intrests
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    Help in 4unit Maths Preparation

    hey ima maths accelerant so ifinsh my maths this yr and ext 1 is eay in yr 11 so try and go as well as possible in it ....yr it picks up some more stuff so try harder then but for right now dw bout it relax...half my classs is doing 4 unit in their hsc this yr...they say its all about u...and u...
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    Ideal marks for Maths...?

    yeah it does depend...im an accelerant in maths so i can see what ur worried aobut..but u dont need to be cos yr 11 does not have any input into ur yr12 marks. u just need to understa d the concepts. aim for ur best. most school set harder exams for preparation for the hsc. but dont get to...
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    hey black hawker man.. u cant do denistry in nsw as an undergraduate....? so do u mean oral health instead?
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    hey thats awesome thats what im aiming for too except i want to do engineering and desing in architecure then set up my own firm eventually
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    National Youth Science Forum Jan 2008

    OMG THATS AWESOME ... I just finishesd applying. i really hope i get in. i've haerd its great from all the ppl hu have gone frm my school too. i really hope u make it and i see you there. which rotary are you gonna ask? i did 9690 area. so see how i go. awesomeness. i finally found someone...
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    not yet..not til week 6 nad 7 next term. need to start stusying soon cos our school exams are killers.... oh well ... Maths adv and Ext Eng adv and Ext Physics Chem visual Arts AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM