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    Stupid Copywrite Thingy

    ive noticed that on all my recently bought cds they now have copyright things on them which when u begin to burn the cd your computer freezes and thus unables you to burn the cd! i always burn my cds so that i can keep the originals a home and the copies in my car in case it were to get broken...
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    Is any one here, getting the Newspaper tonite?

    got the paper, got into my 1st pref! woo!
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    How much will the uai cutoff for b arts rise at usyd?

    i was at the arts lecture on info day at syd, and the Dean said he thinks one or two points at the very most. lets hope it doesnt go up too much!!
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    Post good punk/rock/pop-rock bands here.

    red hot chili peppers the white stripes powderfinger
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    Who here got nominated for art express?

    in my art class, 15 of us got pre-selected out of 22!!!
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    Favourite Simpsons episode

    Bart, with $10,000, we'd be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like...love! Lisa, Vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins, and eskimos. Marge: Lisa, Bart, what did you two learn in Sunday School today? Lisa: The answers to deep theological questions. Bart...
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    What radio station is #1?

    Nova 96.9!!!!!! Merrick and Rosso especially!! Mez is soooooo sexy!!!!!!!!! I went to two episodes of Unplanned! And... now I won ticktes to Have A Spit Day!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!
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    Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

    kyan is really sexy!! It such a funky show... and wat bout the "test your queer eye knowledge show" coming soon! yah!
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    how many pages?

    In my trial I wrote 12, (A4), pages for essay, in 1.5 hours. I got 23/25. For my creative I wrote about 5 pages in 30 min, I got 22/25. I had the same timing in my HSC. Not too sure about the marks though! :-/
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    retreat from the global ppl - what da u reckon?????????

    i liked the essay, the creative was ok, could have been worse!!!
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    how many pages?

    essay- 24 (1.5 hours) creative- 12 (1/2 hour)
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    what number question 2 ??? bloody exam was ssoooooooo hard !!!!! what do you reckon?

    i did ques 9, arguing that art is the visual language, so i could use all my cultural stuff, titian, manet, roberts, duchamp and holzer... jst tlked bout the ideas and interests of a world influencing an artists' way of thinking and thus, their practice.
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    I got in the selection pool!!!!!! found out 2day!!!!!!!!!!!
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    who ran out of time? or just had enough?

    i had to cut off my last ques in sec 1, i was goin ova time! sec 2 was ok, did the plane. sec 3 was ok, my conclusion was shit as!
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    Round Three

    hello all~ so how did we all go last night? "That conversation is a lost art." we won... we were affirmative :D
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    IN THE SKIN Of A Lion- anyone?

    not for ad eng, but as a related text for ext eng 1 wat u need help with?
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    The Bone People

    hi jst started it... vry part-ish but i thought that with the shipping news, and i liked it in the end...
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    Anyone doing CSDA Debating?

    was ur topic about demonstrations?
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    Anyone doing CSDA Debating?

    hey! yeh, im debating and we won last nite!!!! yah lol:)
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    Applying 4 uni...

    Hello out there! I was jst wondering- does any1 know when we can begin appyling 4 uni? And, wat needs to b included- as in do we have to include our half yearly report?? Thanks- Peace!:p