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    your current favourite song

    I've always liked 'What If We Could' by Blue October.
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    Assessment Tasks after Trials?

    I've got an English one, was due tomorrow - but now its due on Thursday. Then that's it for assessment tasks for me.
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    food for brekkie

    I quite often seem to miss breakfast too, but I have heaps of time to get ready. :S Oh, and only just get to school when the bell rings. Just yeah, make something the day before that you can take with you.
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    Large Hadron Collider - Death Threats

    So we're all doomed to die tomorrow then. At least we got told beforehand.
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    coffs 08 anyone?

    My group has no idea what we're doing... apparently camping or a roadtrip, but the thing is - we'll get to one place, everyone will drink, then no one could drive.
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    How long do you guys study for?

    0 hours.
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    breaking up...

    Just sort of happened, why I can't totally remember, yes.
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    what can i put in my sandwich?

    My brother once had banana, peanut butter and lime topping. Claims it was nice, I doubt it was.
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    school captain speeches!!!

    Was something pretty much along the lines of this threaded last year?? Almost seemed identical.
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    Clear, healthy skin :)

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    Clear, healthy skin :)

    I just thought she liked you, and that's why her name is that. :]
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    "surrounding yourself with smart people makes you smarter."

    I think you'd get smarter after a while.
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    Year 12 Regrets

    I'd rofl and give my friend a look as in to say, BAHAHA. It's so weird though if either of us are at each others houses. One time I was trying to sort of whisper something to her, and her Dad was like, are you talking about me?? Haha, I thought she'd told him. Funny as.
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    Cochella coming to australia?

    Got some live stuff from past C's, pretty cool.
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    World of warcraft

    South Park ep on WoW is funny as.
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    Year 12 Regrets

    Hahaha. A friend and myself joke about each others Dads, it's quite funny - however gross at times. Going to be odd at the formal. Haha
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    School Attendance

    Re: HSC attendance. At 4 terms of 10 weeks, there should be 200 school days a year, however this varies due to pupil free days, and when you come back from holidays and such. Not sure if it's true, but someone was saying the other day that they don't actually have the rule anymore that you...
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    What Math textbook do you use?

    Some old green thing from like the mid 90s. It's shit.