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    This is it...

    maths is harder cause the answer is either right or wrong whereas english has a degree of subjectivity to it which is also hard aswell to get the right answers i dont know whose smarter really.
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    A scary incident for me anyways

    gay loser we had a nice lady! and as we are meant to get into the exam room 10 mins before the start she let us write our stu no and details in whilst she read the malpractice thing so i just wrote my no on every page and den if i used xtra booklets i did it at the end no probs.
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    sounds like most people did 25 and 28 and so did i. i included most of the stuff you q28 people added but when i spoke to my eco teacher he said that the key to answer this q was to use ldc's transition economies and idustrialised countries as my frame work then add in all the other stuff. so...
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    who has sor as their last exam?

    i do sor1 because im really sexy and popular and everyone thinks im cool........ and i got to a catholic school so its compulsory
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    would u do the subject again?

    yeah it was good lots of content though for such a pissy exam id do it again
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    All Done

    it was a rippa of an exam sweeties but when i found myself asking for a writing booklet to complete a short answer i thought it was pretty sad. i think that the exam applied to the lower bands cause the qs were not all that demanding esp the options. i did sports medicine and imp perfomance...
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    yeah it was pretty good mcs were good sa were good essays were good i did the micro and protection one eventhough i did 2 3 hr exams today i feel i did good in both. im so glad its over now all i have is re hehehehehehehhehehehehehe
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    good luck

    thanx for the luck, i have php and eco on the same day den i have re the next day so im hoping today is a really long one! eco is my fave subject and im looking forward to getting the exam over and done with im sick of waiting this hsc has been so long and drawn out neways goodluck to everyone...
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    the exam

    so what did people think of the exam?
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    Old skool kids shows!!

    i use ta like that show wif sooty in it, the telebots, gumby, monkey magic,captain planet, teenage mutant ninja turtles, romper room,play school, vistor and hugo..... but now the saddle clubs on its the best but bold in the beautiful rules ova my tv and so does passions the kids tv now is...
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    What did u think of the last 2 Option Questions?

    the whole exam was good the last section was good i did family (b) and shelter (a) crime as usual was easy but i have to admit some of the mc's pissed me off i thought a select few had some degree of difficulty oh well i have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right:cool: with the crime Q i dont...
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    harder than trial?

    dats cool i still have 5 freakin exams to go. i prob. should be studying but this bored of studies thing is such a distraction oh well!
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    harder than trial?

    well cause i have 13 units 3 wont count if maths isnt as high as my other subjects then it wont count, further more if i dont get a high mark in maths then it will just be scaled down. if you dont comprehend this explanation in short i hope my maths wont count.:D
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    harder than trial?

    what was with the catholic trial? i felt like i was doing a 2 unit paper. i am a 2 unit dropper and found it was quite hard but the hsc was good although q28 was just gay if i dont get band 5 or 6 then my maths wont be scaled high enough to be included for my uai ;)
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    economy other than australia

    bring on the other question, i hated the case study assignment i will of course study it but depending on the other Q im not gonna spend 50 mins of my time writing about some loser country in transition, yeah other Q sound great!!!
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    prepared essays for eco...

    just learn the content everthing in eco links up, a chain reaction effect!prepared essays are good but can be too direct just know the work ansa the Q know the syllabus etc:)
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    Prepared Essay Responses

    im not doing prepared answers but i am just doing a prepared outline of each focus which is similar but not as direct as a prepared answer. but if it worked well for the trials then im sure it will in the hsc!:)