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    Year 12 Farewell Song

    We had a whole bunch - Opportunity by Pete Murray - We Go Together from Grease - Stand By Me by Ben E King - Wonderwall by Oasis - Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith (sentimental value haha) and the school song of course.
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    What now?

    I changed my availability back at work so hopefully I can make some more money, as I've been living on minimal wages and feel quite remorseful for mooching off my parents all year. But I'm gonna look for a new job too, balance work with just going out and having fun and enjoying our extended...
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    Module B - Gwen Harwood

    I did Self-awareness as my emotion, and used "Prize-Giving" and "Father and Child' and I am pretty certain I stuffed it up haha.
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    Estimated Marks

    I'm thinking maybeee... P+H - 20-23/25 Athenian Society in the Time of Pericles - 20/25 Hatshepsut - 20-24/25 (I thought I did okay but you can never tell) NKE - 22/25 Total = 82-89/100. Ideally i'd be happy with anything over 85.
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    individual and society

    I thought it was okay. It kinda threw me a little, just with the choice of wording in the critical response. Freedom was okay but the intidimation bit was slightly obscure. Nice to see that people sort of used it as a representation of societal oppression and stuff though. that's relieving! I...
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    First Three Words of your MW (Just 'Cause)

    Quote: "Our Deeds Still..." Prose: "They say that..."
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    Assessment Marks/Ranks so far

    - English Advanced: 41/45, ranked 1/24. - English Extension 1: 30/35, ranked 1/2. - English Extension 2: 27/30 (Internal Assessment), ranked 1/1 (hahaha lame) - Ancient History: 41/45, ranked 3/14 - Modern History: 41/45, ranked 3/21 - History Extension: 5/5 (Proposal), ranked 1/4 -...