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    Good Lecturers

    Some good lecturers from the Business faculty: Sam Jebeile (left this year). Shahriar Akter is an excellent lecturer, he doesn't crap on like many other lecturers do. Martin O'Brien is also a good lecturer in Statistics and Econometrics. Parulian Silaen is a great lecturer as well, his...
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    Selecting Subjects URGENT HELP PLEASE!!

    I am selecting my subjects for my course. I have chosen my major, and then I've had to choose two submajors or one major or electives. I've accidently chosen the wrong sub major and one correct one. There is no way of deleting the wrongly chosen sub major, how do I do this?
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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    85.70- very happy
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    Best Movie Series?

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    Stop teachers from finding out hsc marks

    Who cares? You aren't going to even see your teachers ever again!! So just get over it, there's not much you can really do..
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    Good Headphone brands

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    And so I turned on my new PC...

    Games? are you crazy? They go on another drive lol..
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    How the heck is the Atar calculated?

    no whatever you get on the day, is the mark you get. Add your internal mark to your external (mark on the day) and divide by two. That's the RAW mark that you get, after this, the Board moderates the mark and whatever goes to hell and back to get your MODERATED mark.
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    Misreading the Timetable

    how stupid can you be? you'd have to be the dumbest person ever.
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    Atar estimate!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I reckon you're looking at 99.94-99.95
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    Two 17 year old's slit the throat of a Pensioner

    This is sickening. Lock those fuckers up for life.
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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    Re: General Thoughts: Studies of Religion I Lol worst exam!
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    what if

    haha you're an idiot LOL
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    nah mate. the break-even point is where the two lines intersected, which was at the $20000 mark. the income of 500 guests was $50000, therefore, 50000-20000 = $30000. not 15000. lol.
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    you're right. SpreadTheWord is a friggen retard.
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    Question 28: air pressure in a bubble...?

    P = a/v, and A = 1.5
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    Multiple choice answers?

    7 is actually negatively skewed (C), and 19 was C not D
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    Multiple choice answers?

    1. D 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. C 10. C 11. B 12. A 13. A 14. B 15. B 16. D 17. C 18. A 19. C 20. C 21. A 22. A
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    Are you ready for SOR??

    I haven't even opened my book for a single second to study for that crap, nor do I plan to hahaha