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    General Thoughts: Physics

    Expecting 100 raw mark like many others here but my responses were very solid :P Expecting 1st in the state and my dream ATAR, 99.90 :D
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    Does anyone else feel they've stuffed up HSC?

    I looked at solutions and should get high 60s. Last year 82 scaled to 96 so I was aiming for 82 but made many mistakes in questions 13-15. Phys is my second best subject (after chem) so hopefully I do well tomorrow. If I don't get 99.90, I need to change all my plans...
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    Does anyone else feel they've stuffed up HSC?

    Fucked up 4U maths... hopping for at least a B6. 99.90 is almost impossible now. Unless I get like 95 raw mark in physics tomorrow. Fucking hate my stupid maths teacher, made me hate maths so much :(
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    Multiple Choice

    18/20... made silliest mistakes :(
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    General Thoughts

    I also talked about how fossil fuels will most likely be used to generate the heat required so by lowering it, less CO2, SO2, etc. will be produced into the environment causing global warming and acid rain. I think this is the worst industrial chem 7 marker ever. In past years, it wasn't so...
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    Raw for band 6

    First in the state is usually 98. Don't think it ever goes to 99.
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    Excel books Yay or Nay?

    I didn't use textbooks at all. I bought notes and used them as a guide to make my own. if you make your own notes, you pretty much never forget the information.
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    Chemistry (most and least favourite topics)

    Most: industrial chemistry Least: First half of acidic
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    Raw for band 6

    Would 94-95 raw scale to 98?
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    General Thoughts

    I talked about both processes. I was gonna talk about compromise in pressure since high pressure may lead to explosion of containers leading to escaping of dangerous SO3 gas to the environment but didn't have time... hopefully they give me 5-6
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    Indicator Question

    HInd_{(aq)} + H_{2}O_{(l)} \rightleftharpoons Ind^{-}_{(aq)} + H^{3}O^{+}_{(aq)} Then you talk about Le Chatelier's principle and how colour of solution changes as concentration of hydronium and hydroxide change etc. It can be used as an indicator since colour change is distinct.
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    General Thoughts

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    General Thoughts

    In the table I'm pretty sure AgNO3 is the limiting reagent. After that you use ratios in the equation to find the moles for everything else. BaSO4
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    General Thoughts

    Pretty sure this is right.
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    General Thoughts

    Will 94-95 raw mark scale to 98?
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    What chemistry and physics raw marks will get me a state rank?

    I am ranked 1st internally in both chemistry and physics with an assessment raw mark of 90 in chemistry and 98 in physics. What raw marks, out of 100, will I need to get in the externals to get a state rank in both? How can i increase my chances of getting it? I know the content perfectly and...
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    What raw marks do I need for extension 2 maths?

    I am really disappointed in my performance in extension 2 maths. I got an internal assessment mark of 80/100 raw mark. I got 77 in half yearlies which affected my mark a lot but since then I improved a lot and got 88 in trials but my other assessments pulled me down to 80. I am now ranked 3rd...
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    Trial Results and Reactions

    School rank: ~150 English - 91/105 - 1/60 3U maths - 94% - 1/34 4U maths - 87% - 2/15 Chemistry - 95% - 1/42 Physics - 96% - 1/37 Quite happy with the results, except 4U maths. The guy coming first got around 90% overall but I think I can beat him in externals. How much will rank 2 in maths...
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    Making notes vs Buying notes?

    You buy notes to help you make your own. The most important thing is to make them high-yield, i.e. only the most important information. Each module should be around 25 pages of word using standard formatting.
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    Please estimate my atar

    School rank: ~150 English - 1st out of 60 3U maths - 1st out of 34 4U maths - 2nd out of 15 Chemistry - 1st out of 42 Physics - 1st out of 37 I am studying very hard for the HSC. I know my school rank is low but I am a fair bit ahead of the level of my classmates so is 99.95 possible...