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  1. eshay lad 69

    Did anyone come first/state rank from BoredOfStudies? And in what?

    I state ranked in Lebanese Continuers and Ext2 English
  2. eshay lad 69

    HSC Exam Shenanigans

    1 of the ethnic kids sony erricson went off with an old techno ringtone (strong pov), and the exam supivisor went and tried to take the phone off him. the kid said he felt racially vilified and smashed his fists on the desk. and then it gets worse two of the blokes mates jump up and try to...
  3. eshay lad 69

    Year 12 pranks

    wtf are you in grade 3 bro? no offense but they are some poverty grade pranks right there.
  4. eshay lad 69

    Year 12 pranks

    the classic 'kidnap their family pet and hold it to ransom whilst sending the owners parts of it in the mail' comes to mind in a situation like this.
  5. eshay lad 69

    Girls: Do you like indian guys?

    hey mate i just checked with your mum, turns out she likes indian blokes (and lots of them) eshaylad69 out
  6. eshay lad 69

    strong username

    strong username
  7. eshay lad 69

    Old Runescape 2007

    wave: selling rune scimi 30k brb thinking thinking that im going to give up my veterans cape and >lv 120 combat just because I want to re live 2007 rs.
  8. eshay lad 69

    What song do you run to?

  9. eshay lad 69

    mirin dp

    mirin dp
  10. eshay lad 69

    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    fully hectic s15 sss bro get it on some 20's and get a phat cannon brah i wanna hear that sr20. notsrs looks clean, have any pics other than the back of it?
  11. eshay lad 69

    US Gun Control Proposals

    what if you are hunting someone that is wearing a suit of armour?
  12. eshay lad 69

    Lance Armstrong's confession to doping... What do you think?

    im struggling to see the point you are trying to make here. 1. Strong assumption and knowledge of steriods. Instead of blaming the drugs why not look at his endurance and fortitude that got him there. 2. LOL! you actually think if a competitor got 'ratted out' they would just accept it and...
  13. eshay lad 69

    Lance Armstrong's confession to doping... What do you think?

    I suppose if you are naive enough to think he is the only person doping you might think he's a disgrace, however someone who has come from having cancer to landing on the moon and then onto winning 7 tour de Frances is incredible. Fun fact "20 of the 21 podium finishers in the Tour de France...
  14. eshay lad 69

    US Gun Control Proposals

    i havent even read this thread but can you tell what the difference between being shot with an AP round and a regular round makes? why bother even banning them it seems futile brah except for taking their constitutional rights away from them.
  15. eshay lad 69

    Lance Armstrong's confession to doping... What do you think?

    all of them dope he just got caught. it takes nothing away from what he achieved. cancer research> trophies realtalk.
  16. eshay lad 69

    Cops and cameras in royal national park?

    in on nasho thread. this was filmed in the nasho (some of it from the waterfall entry) YKXslK35j-U if you go at an obscure time you wont see any cops and dont be a fuckwit and go over center line if you can avoid it. drift responsibly.
  17. eshay lad 69

    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    dont you fucking touch my lambo ever again dickhead.
  18. eshay lad 69

    lmfao at kerser lyrics

    lmfao at kerser lyrics
  19. eshay lad 69

    Electronic Dance Music

    acpWazeSm9Q masters of hardcore sydney anyone ?