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  1. astroe

    STAT170 or MATH123

    Thanks mate! I don't exactly love statistics but I'll get by I guess. It was the only Planet unit that was of interest. :)
  2. astroe

    Where can I get access to unit guides that show assessment and unit planners?

    Each faculty website has it's own section for it. Here are the ones for the Business and Economics Faculty: Accounting & Corporate Governance Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies Economics Marketing & Management
  3. astroe

    STAT170 or MATH123

    Any other experiences with STAT170? I was looking to do it in Session 3 (Summer School).
  4. astroe

    LAW551 - Professional and Community Engagement

    So I guess we do everything else BUT that unit? Ah well, less HECS, no complaints here. :) On that note, yeah, I think a recent email from the Dean said something about this.
  5. astroe

    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 Hm looks like no-ones posted in awhile. Oh well! Looking to buy: ACST101 - Viney C, Financial Market Essentials, 1st Edition, McGraw-Hill (2011) HRM207 - Noe, R.A. & Winkler, C. (2009) Employee Training and Development (for Australia and New Zealand)...
  6. astroe

    Need help enrolling :)

    Yeah, once you've accepted your offer you're in. Do you have a student number now? Should be 42xx xxxx. This thread might help you along. http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php/233687-New-students-in-2010-Please-read!-(About-enrolling-picking-subjects-etc) It's pretty...
  7. astroe

    Commerce @ Macq - How can I PREPARE for this course?

    The maths is alright, shouldn't be too hard if you actually try and put your mind to it. Take a look at the courses you would prospectively need to do: http://www.handbook.mq.edu.au/2011/DegreesDiplomas/Degree/Bachelor+of+Commerce See the specific units? Check out the unit guide for...
  8. astroe

    Macquarie the place for me?

    Ummmm.... Average of 40 minutes. To Central (all stops) = Roughly under an hour. To Syd Terminal (express) = Averaging 40 minutes. I'd still go via Chatswood for the pure convenience of not changing trains.
  9. astroe

    LAW551 - Professional and Community Engagement

    Hey guys, I was just looking at the Handbook and saw that in course progression, I needed to do this unit. (Albeit in a few years time.) It doesn't appear to be a "unit" in the traditional sense, I can't find it online or in the book, so can anyone tell me what it is? I don't think it's PLT...
  10. astroe

    Macquarie the place for me?

    It's the lack of coverage that shits me. I don't need to be talking in a lecture to want coverage. Across campus is shitty for me, indoors makes it go to "No Service". Only when I get around E7A/E7B does it improve.
  11. astroe

    Macquarie the place for me?

    15-20 minute train ride? WTF. More like 40. It's really close but unbelievably slow for some reason. You can get there by car under 15. :) Oh, if you do come here, get a phone with Telstra. You'll thank me in the long run.
  12. astroe

    Macquarie Library for study during this period?

    What pisses me off are the lack of powerpoints. :( And the hours are still restrictive to me anyway.
  13. astroe


    Don't bother parking on campus without a permit. You could try nearby residential streets if you wanted to park for free.
  14. astroe

    Any pre-2010 hsc people studying 1st year commerce or combined law this year?

    Yup, me! Going into 2nd year Comm/Law but I gotta go do the following first year units; HRM107, ECON111, BBA111 and ACST101.
  15. astroe

    Law Orientation Day

    I remember one girl sitting by herself at the far left of the room get up when Social Science/Law was called out, I was thinking, "Poor her" HAHA.
  16. astroe

    Law Orientation Day

    Ah crap, I never got assigned a Mentor since I came an hour late. Would I really need one, seeing as I'm going into second year and all?
  17. astroe

    Law courses at Tafe?

    Apparently it can be done, http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/165581_124143220989071_100001801810729_161078_504013_n.jpg
  18. astroe

    Is the uac book important???

    Go demand the school order more, it's like $19.95 from newsagencies. You get it for free because you're a student, haha.
  19. astroe

    Travelling to sydney airport to work.

    Hold down the control key, and then scroll your mouse wheel away from you, whilst aiming at the place you wish to focus on. Magic.
  20. astroe

    Belonging Movies

    Nah, it was 'Napola', also known as 'Before the Fall'. It was a pretty deep movie. :(