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    ENGLISH is a joke subject

    Are you serious? 96 was the top in the state? DAMN what a waste, i knew i should have studied more for the exam because my internal mark was 95 and external 89
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    Gendered Language

    I thought it was really good. I mean, the essay question was a bit random but i think i pulled it off ok. As for the story.. thank God that's what it was!
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    RS Word Count

    damn! i read this thread now... oops i wrote 1560 words
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    2006 Ext 2ers FINISHED!!!

    Woohoo! I can't believe that it is finally over. Seriously though, that has to be the best hsc course there is, i had a hoot of a year with it. While I'm glad I'm finished, it's just a little sad to finally say goodbye to my little baby that has grown up to be such a fine young major work. *Sobs...
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    What's the most popular genre people are writing in?

    neo-colonial, dystopian satire huh? i'd like to say that such a thing does not exist but i am quite sure that it does if that is what your story is all about. My story is... well it doesnt exactly have a genre or follow any specific conventions. My official 'reasoning' for this is that i felt my...
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    Oakhill 2004 June 4 Unit Exam Here

    hey, who is oakhill phreak by the way. cos i go to oakhill do i shud know u... + im a bit confused, im in 4U and there is noone called rob doin 4U
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    The Story telling thread

    He is going to punish me, I have been a bad boy
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    First Three Words of your MW (Just 'Cause)

    I only need to say the first 2 words. I run. Whoa! how unbelievably succinct of me.
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    Am I the only demotivated wreck here?

    Thanks Glitter fairy, that was very helpful of you. You are a really nice person. Thanks for the motivation.
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    Am I the only demotivated wreck here?

    By the way, im doing extension 2 maths as well so my time to work on ee2 english is very very limited. Boo hoo now im a really procrastination(ish) mood.
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    Am I the only demotivated wreck here?

    I'm in a similar situation. After writing for the entire holidays, I made the 8000 word limit only to have it torn to shreds by my ee2 teacher when we came back. I now have to start again and although i know exactly what it is that i want to do i just cant seem to get it out on paper. I always...