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    Contact hours

    Hey, I was just wondering the approximate amount of contact hours for first year Law/Commerce and if it was possible to fit all in 3 days? Thanks in advance :)
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    Hey, I accepted my offer yesterday to studyCombined law at USYD and I was just wondering when the enrolment date was for new students commencing this year? Thanks in advance
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    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew when we recieve our ipad as part of the E12 scholarship? Thanks :)
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    Question about Scholarships

    Hi, Just wondering, when did you get your unconditional offer for E12?
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    Question about e12

    Hey In September I received a conditional e12 offer from USYD to study law/commerce and other students have said they've received an email from the uni in the past few days after results have been released. I met all requirements for the offer and I was just wondering if I should contact...
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    ATAR estimate please :)

    School rank is 189, rank 190 the year before English Advanced - 2/67 (Trials 84/105) External Estimate: 88% Studies of Religion 1 - 1/73 (Trials 49/50) External Estimate: 92% English Extension 1 - 2/7 (Trials 43/50) External Estimate: 88% Ancient History - 6/47 (Trials 88/100) External...
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    Copy of the paper?

    Does anyone have a copy of the paper or know where I could find it online please?
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    E12 applicants??

    Apparently, a friend of mine was told at the interviews that the offers for law will be sent out some time this week. Neither of us have heard back yet and everyone I've asked hasn't either.
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    E12 applicants??

    Anyone heard back from combined law yet?
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    Has anyone applied for e 12 scheme and heard anything yet?

    Has anyone received an offer for combined law or know if they've sent out offers yet?
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    E12 applicants??

    Has anyone received an offer for combined law yet?
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    ATAR estimate please :)

    Could I please get an ATAR estimate please :) School rank is 189, rank 190 the year before English Advanced - 2/67 (Trials 84/105) Studies of Religion 1 - 1/73 (Trials 49/50) English Extension 1 - 2/7 (Trials 43/50) Ancient History - 6/47 (Trials 88/100) Business Studies - 2/81...
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    ATAR estimate please???

    Can anyone please estimate what atar I can approximately expect to achieve? Please and thank you :spin: My school is ranked at about 190. These are my ranks: English Adv: 2/62 English Ext 1: 2/7 Legal Studies: 1/44 Business Studies 2/77 Studies of Religion: 1/64 Ancient History: 8/43
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    Atb creative writing

    Does anyone by any chance have any After the Bomb creative writing pieces that they are willing to share?
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    Personal and political ways of thinking

    Texts created ‘after the bomb’ both reflect and challenge the personal and political values of their time, using their textual forms as vehicles to respond to the world around them. Evaluate this statement. Prescribed Texts are An artist of the floating world and Waiting For Godot Any...
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    Factors Affecting Inflation and Economic Growth

    Can anyone please explain how commodity prices and exchange rates influence economic growth? And how does employment and one other factor influence inflation?
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    Factors Affecting Eco Growth

    What are the factors that have affected Australia's economic growth in Recent years?