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    2002 UAI's

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by mp3mojo soz, i didnt mean higher marks i mean alot of ppl got high UAIs, so u reckon this yr's UAI cut-offs will rise dramatically...
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    Your attitdes toward geography

    i much, much prefer human geography
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    in lear conversation: what did u say?

    charliebob (sounds) like a spunk well i dont know, charliebob- why, perhaps we have met in this life, like, perhaps we went to school together and perhaps we just went water-skiing together today.... but who knows hehehehehehhehehehehehehehe
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    Question for 2002 year 12s...

    i'd wanted to do education since yr 10, then a year ago i decided to do psychology what is it that u want to do, durban?
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    in lear conversation: what did u say?

    why thankyou, charliebob. why, u sure sound like a handsome, strapping young lad indeed
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    well i've applied for Bpsych(hon) first, then social science, then BArts, but even if i only get the marks for the second and third ones, i will switch to Bpsych after the first year, because u cannot be an actual psychologist- all yourself a psychologist by law- unless u do that Bpsych degree...
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    World Cities Essay Question

    i had trouble with the network thing. i started talking about relationships of dominance and dependence (accidentely- then realised that i had forgotten to answer the actual question)- saying that the relationships between the dominant world cities, normal world cities and other urban areas...
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    predict essay questions

    no way- its set right back in like may
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    What'd you think?

    dude, i hope so!!!
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    unless it says, for example "analyse the nature and sacial patterns of the economic enterprice u have studied", u should be talking about the activity, using the enterprise to demonstrate the points (breifly). remember the difference between ACTIVITY and ENTERPRISE. if u can refer to the...
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    just look in your syllabus under 'using gographical skills and tools such as'- its pretty much basic stuff, but still.. and remember to learn what each word means (eg chloropleth map)
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    What'd you think?

    shit... i had: 1d,2a,3b,4b,5c,6b,7c,8a,9b,10c i had never even heard of 'family first' (7), 10 was hard- none of them looked right, actually, no answers looked right for anything... somebody tell us what u's got?
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    What'd you think?

    i was a bit suprised at the difficulty of the paper... especially the multiple choice.. i had to leave about 4 until the end then came back to them... but then i think i got them but they took a bit of thinking- a lot of thinking what did everyone put for each multiple choice question...
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    Crime/Revenge - what was your story about?

    cool stories i wrote that sometimes the best weapon is honesty- it was the memoirs of a detective, this was one chapter of his book, about a little girl who got kidnapped by her father, who wasnt the man who was married to the girls mother- the husband of the woman thought he was the father-...
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    Another one for sourie

    i like this thread for sourie bloody hell! u r such a dickhead! all i said in the SDD forum was 'yeah- wtf??!' BECAUSE I WAS LAUGHING BECAUSE IT WAS FUNNY and u fucking go crazy! btw everything u said in your last post doesnt make sense at all. and anyway, how can this site stuff up your...
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    some handy information

    on the Board of Studies website, there is a multiple choice test thingy so u can test your comfam skills- go there :apig: :santa:
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    What Did U Think ??

    yeah- wtf???
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    Section 2 letter

    loony!! i did that exact same thing! whats more, my experience didnt have anything to do with the song (i wrote to the text 1 person). at the end, i realised this, and kinda sorta went "well- what i mean to say is that u can do whatever u believe in ie u have the power to change things" etc but...
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    who else did not finish

    i know!!! what was with that stoopid box??!! i had no idea.. but i made up something that kind of makes sense anyway... that was so dumb
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    who else did not finish

    yeah i worked thru it M/C first, then so on as it was set out. i finished with about 5 minutes left.