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    sports medicine

    DRABC is used in management..not in finding the extent
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    Did all u guys refer to a case study for question 27/28?

    yeh u see our teacher sucks balls..and he cant/couldnt teach..so we didnt know much about our case study which was meant to be qantas..so i did Sony..piss easy
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    HSC Advanced English is over. How do you feel?

    im so sad english was my favourite i wanted to marry cleopatra and gwen harwood... and i liked the way that i was allowed to deconstruct poems and shit this year..i love it when i get to find how clueless can come from emma i just told about 6 LIES!!! fukc off english forever..im never...
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    Wtf Are Nomads!

    haha same here for the fukcing nomads
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    When the HSC is OVER I'm going to....

    drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in the process of selling english books/study guides filling up recycling bin getting fit haha playing tennis getting my L's haha waiting to turn 18!!! waiting for schoolies!!!
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    Skoolies cruz 23rd november myspace things!

    count me in! www.myspace.com/mattpolo8 not long peeps!
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    schoolies 07, who was on the cruises?

    ok i see it as you have two choices.both pretty much equally as good. seeing so u were gonna go on the hell expensive cruise..u can still continue to pay a ridiculous amount of money and fly off to an island somewhere..in australia..like lord howe or some other shit like that.then u can have...
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    your song played at graduation mass/assembly

    well some mates played this old love by lior and photograph by jamie cullum but changed the words around a bit..and we walked out to life is a highway by tom cochrane
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    P&O Schoolies Cruise 2006

    yeh me and my mates booked in november last year..and at that time..the first 2 were booked out we could only get put on a waiting list for the 1st one and we were lucky enuf to get on that one.so you may get put on a waiting list but being only 4 to 5 months out from leaving..and only 1-2...