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    Bachelor of Business (UTS) Vs. Bachelor of Commerce (Macquarie)

    btw the B business degree at UTS is not in that crappy brown tall office building, its at a proper uni style campus at haymarket, like usyd.
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    General Thoughts: Economics 2006

    the essays and multi choice were very easy compared to previous years, except i thought the short answer was quite a bit harder than previous years aswell.
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    here's my estimate.. wats ur prediction ?

    Based on the solutions, i got 93/120, which is 78%, im pretty happy with that, considering the large amount of work i did. what does everyone think that will get scaled up to?
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    How many pages ?

    Q26 - 9.5 pages. Q27 - 11 pages. Both questions were really good i thought, however i suspected Section 4 would be global business. If I had like 3 more hours, I probs couldve written 30 pages for Q27, the content was so broad, the whole of 'developing marketing strategies' and effective...
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    Band 6 cut off

    wait whats this about a band 6 'cut off'? isnt anything over 90 a band 6 or if u get like 85 overall does that then get scaled up? I probably should know how this all works but i dont haha.
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    Multiple Choice Answers Comparison

    Ill put my opinion forward for the more difficult MC's. 7 - D (asked my teacher afterwards, and it is a reference group hence sociocultural). 11 - D (the only suitable one) 13 - B (i think, cause without protection, foreign imports would increase, hence reducing eco growth) 14 - C...
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    Who's ready?

    Yeah im pretty much ready, just gotta learn the syllabus back to front and go over global business and case study material. i think section 4 will defs be on global business this yeah, which is good for me!! but each year its gone from ER, GB, ER, GB, ER...therefore should be GB.
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    How many pages? What order for essays?

    Q19 - 8 pages. Q20 - 8 pages. Q21 - 6 pages (maybe couldve written a bit more, but i only had 35 mins to do it cause i left that SOI question out!!)
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    Quality over Quantity

    Yeah i totally agree with this 'quality over quantity', especially after reading other comments about ppl who wrote over 30 pages in total. I wrote 4.5 for I, 7 for II and 6.5 for III and im confident i got my point across and answered the question well.
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    How much u wrote and wat mark u expect ?

    Just get something cleared up first. Why is everyone writing like 5+pages for section 1? Clearly if you identify the techniques, give and example and shows its effect, you will get the marks. HSC markers have always made comments about ppl writing too much for this bit, as they mainly...
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    BOS University Guide: A Complete Guide to 1st Year Uni [A Work In Progress]

    Re: Things you should know about universities, and choosing. the course i want to do only goes for 3 years (commerce sydney uni), so im thinking of combining it with arts, which makes it 5 years. do u think that would be a better idea?
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    What are "RAW" assessment marks?
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    Subjects- 'What not to pick...'

    Im doing for Yr 11: Eng Advanced Geography Economics Business studies Mod History Maths 2U and ext 1 For yr 12 should i: Drop ext 1 and do 12 units? or Drop either geo or mod hist and do 11 units? or Drop ext 1 maths and geo or mod hist and do 10 units? or Drop...