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    I studied for the last 2 days for THAT?

    for the acceleration one i had no idea i used equations from 3 unit (or 2 unit) a = vdv/dx and i had no idea what i was doin - i got something like 5000, or something with 5's and 0s i had no idea how to use the equations they gave us! o well, there's 2 marks down, on top of the 7 i...
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    Which Elective do you do?

    i thought the options were supposed to be of equal difficulty?!!!!! apparently the BOS goes through heaps of reviewing to make sure they are the same... sure................................. i had only read age of silicon stuff once and i coulda done that soooooo much easier, but i...
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    Yeah Baby!

    that was such a weird test i totally agree with the above post transformation was awesome coz i did a question exactly the same a few days before, (compare values, and contect and to what extent) "to what extent ?"was a bugger coz u had to keep going back to it and make something up like...
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    Ext 2 Maths

    hey! i thought i told u to forgot that !
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    Ext 2 Maths

    my class, which is just me, no one else, are half way through mechanics with only harder 3 unit topics to go, will we get finished b4 week 5? does anyone know why integration and conics is so easy for me yet i still haven't got anything in complex numbers and polynomials which we did first...