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    Last question predictions???

    Projectile and probability i guess or binomial and probability
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    Chemistry Exam thoughts

    b6 cut off?
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    random pH question

    help plz
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    lmfao i did pi(r) ^2 xD
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    projectile was fked
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    HSC 2017 Predictions/Preparation Thread [Physics]

    yeh idm but fk induction motors cuz its too hard would rather prefer ideas
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    HSC 2017 Predictions/Preparation Thread [Physics]

    may be you cant really say it they can ask stuff on faraday's work and its impact on society and etc
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    HSC 2017 Predictions/Preparation Thread [Physics]

    cuz if this is in the test I'll shout ya maccas
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    2017 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 paper thoughts?

    can someone explain the last question plz i got 486
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    PDHPE 2017 Exam thoughts

    so many mistakes....... 2 marks so many
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    Section 1 was a headache

    no To what extent is this conveyed in your Two prescribed texts and ONE of your own choice. Something like this forgot already lol
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    Section 1 was a headache

    lol yeh but esl only have 2 modules 30 min each Mod A most likely essay but Mod B it could be anything lol
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    Section 1 was a headache

    Discovery has the power to transform. To what extent......
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    Section 1 was a headache

    So guys the papers kinda alright compared to last year's paper but section 1 was pain in ass tbh. Didnt expect 4 texts. Last text was pree long I guess. But overall it was alright. Essay wasn't too bad at all. How did everyone else go?
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    band 6 or high band 5 in standard english requirements?

    Let's say my internals raw is ~75 and I get 80-85 raw in my hsc, does it align well?
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    Plagarising in the HSC?

    It won't be much accurate compared to the other plagiarism checkers such as turnitin.
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    Atar estimate please <3

    I don't about ur atar but I can say your school rank doesn't really matter. Since the rankings are based on last year's results. Secondly, the schools aren't compared, you're compared with other students in the STATE. So yeh ur school rank dont matter that much