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    Verbatim Theatre Embers Essay

    I'm not doing Embers, but I am doing Parramatta Girls. I'm assuming that Embers has 4 categories/topics it explores, but either way in an essay there is little purpose of exploring all of the four parts. You should only write about what is relevant for the essay questions/thesis. I would make a...
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    Question about what to put in logbooks

    Not sure if a super late-ish response but I found this online a while ago for GP logbooks: The logbook The logbook is meant to be a record of your involvement in the development of your Group Performance. It should be with you all the time and you should record each day’s work. Remember to: -...
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    Year 11 Legal Studies - extra reading advice and materials?

    State library website should have tonnes of resources, good luck
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    Do employers look at my highschool report?

    They will definitely NOT care about high school reports!
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    Is it possible to get an atar of ~85?!

    Work on english and maybe engineering a little and you'll be good :) good luck !!
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    Free Legal Studies Notes, Essays & Guide (97 HSC Mark)

    Thank you for your generosity :)
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    Where do you buy stationery and school products?

    Office works. And Big W which is my fav
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    UNSW Guaranteed Entry

    yes they did: What is Guaranteed Entry? Offers to UNSW are made based on your selection rank – which is your ATAR plus any eligible bonus points . With the introduction of Guaranteed Entry, UNSW provides clarity by publishing the Guaranteed Selection Rank that assures your entry to UNSW in a...
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    Why do white people tan?

    As an extremely pale person, I feel like having a tan makes me look healthier (bc people get paler when they're sick haha) - I know there's nothing healthy about a tan! And like someone said above, some white people look ALOT better tanned :3
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    Legal Studies vs Physics Subject selection and scaling

    Since you're already feeling more confident with Legal Studies then switch, of course physics will scale better, although you're better of doing a subject you enjoy and are naturally better at (meaning less work during HSC). Don't worry too much about scaling, you can get any ATAR with ANY...
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    Selling: 2015 'DISCOVERY' notes! + related text notes!

    can you please pm me samples of curious incident of the dog in the night time and educating rita at snow.2346@hotmail.com thanksssssss :)
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    Can I use a previous edition of Tim Riley's economics textbook?

    Content is almost identical except for stats, I used 2007 and 2011 last year and this year I'm using 2013 and 2011 :) so if you want to be accurate get the newest addition or just copy the stats from a friend next to you :) good luck ok
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    Appealing over one mark for PDHPE

    Hello, I just started year 12 this term and got my first PDHPE assignment back today and I was one mark short of full marks. The teacher said that I lost one mark due to not referencing. Although I provided a bibliography. The teacher didn't clarify that I had to provide a reference. But...
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    Dropping to Standard

    Oops! Well a better reason not to move down!
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    Dropping to Standard

    I was in the same situation as you only a week ago, and just to elaborate on what everyone was saying DON'T DO STANDARD! Only 1-2% of people doing standard get b6 compared to 10% with advanced. Also it aligns better so your mark is pushed up easily with advanced even if you get 80s, and the...
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    Avenue to LAW: What would you do?

    UNSW !