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    Band 6 cut off?

    i doubt it i thought the exam was pretty good but harder than the catholic trial we did, but in M/c there was a few tricks that would catch people out jst c wat happens
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    Moderately easy exam

    i have no idea wat this school ranking thing is an where it comes from but my school is probably ranked like 500th + an evrybody found the exam really really hard, (only 9 ppl do it). i am just praying to god i get a miracle and get atleast 60/84 raw, which i doubt. :(
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    How Many Pages Did You Write?

    i only wrote 16 for the essay and 10 for the story and thought it was heaps:(
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    Crime Fiction - Essay

    i thought the CF essay was allright, it's just that i think i may hav mis interpreted the Q a bit the mystery and discovery made the question narrow + i hate ext english anyway lol