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  1. K

    What are the chances of getting a UAI of 90?

    Im not going to lie, its going to be extremely hard for you to get a 90+ uai with those subjects, but its definitely possible and if you work on your chemistry its going to increase your chances since it scales off the wall.
  2. K

    Considering to Leave in the middle of HSC. PLEASE HELP!!

    dont give up hope i know a friend who was headed for a <30 uai and he turned it around to 78. DONT GIVE UP HOPE ever, seriously miracles can happen by the end of the hsc.
  3. K

    UAI!! Stressed out

    not looking good, plenty of time to improve though :) otherwise it could end up in epic fail <30 uai.
  4. K

    Post Your UAI's Here

    i got 91 :D , i was so worried thought i would get 70s thought i bhad fucked every paper :p, so happy :D
  5. K

    UAI calculation? Help???

    I plugged those results for you into JUAI and for 2005 it gives 87.75 , probably will be higher tommorrow though so gl :)
  6. K

    Scaling advice

    Im wondering if my raw assessment averages are going to change considerably if ive done well in the HSC exams , will the reported HSC mark be alot higher for each subject then my current averages? I thought I did quite well in the exams. My school is in the top 50 of the state, and im...
  7. K

    Section 2...???!!!

    went pretty well for me :p wrote 13 pages on section 2, did question 8 and 10 pages for section1, most of the content in section 1 i had covered before, and in section 2 it was simply just a rewrite of my marginalised artist's essay
  8. K


    yeh thats exactly what i did but i linked passion to composer, responder and the protagonists. passion could be pretty openly interpreted imo.
  9. K

    General thoughts?

    hahahahah so easy. the crime fiction question was so broad, the stimulus material of the letter was actually part of my pre-prepared story so it was a joke, just had to regurgitate my learned narrative :D
  10. K

    General thoughts?

    please no text types in crime fiction and please a nice conventions / engagement essay :) as well as a good stimulus quote for the creative but thats usually too much to ask for :(
  11. K

    General Thoughts - Modern History

    Wtf not even the top person in my year can write that, and btw his average for the year and trial mark was 99.
  12. K

    Module A- BR and BNW

    can anyone verify if my response was correct for module A. i looked at these two ideas which are presented in both texts and then analysed the differences in their representation due to the respective composers context. Difference 1: Attitudes towards nature= nature marganilsed in BNW,in...
  13. K

    It was easy! Do you agree?

    suprisingly easy LIKE WTF? no specified texts no specifc question... allowed for all my prepared responses to be easily adapted lol altogether wrote 24 pages
  14. K

    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    i wrote about the unexpected destinations as being the insights and experiences gained through the journey, and also occasionally discussed about the unexpected destination as being the literal world of the tempest, Ivory trail etc.
  15. K

    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    im guessing 40/45 hopefully, section three fitted my essay really well, section one was easier then our trials section one, section two was pretty easy.
  16. K

    Section 3

    1 8 page and 1 page of the next booklet. total 9 pages
  17. K

    Section 1

    suprisingly hard, nevertheless got some good textual analysis down.
  18. K

    Good Luck

    good luck :D
  19. K

    So whats your pre-trial marks?

    46/50 to 40/50 :(
  20. K

    Another uai prediction

    hey could anyone give an estimate of what ill get. Im aiming for 90+ uai and my school is within the top 40 schools of the state. English advanced 79 Rank 30/250 Business studies 78 Rank 8/56 Modern History 86 Rank 12/125 English extension 80 Rank 20/52 Visual arts 87 Rank 9/30 History...