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    Pages written

    Module: Texts and the Ways of Thinking Elective: Retreat From the Global Pages for Essay: 17 (haha got up to 3 booklets i was proud) Pages for Story: 13 Total: 30 Again the quanity means nothing but hey I felt special when I put my hand up for the 3rd booklet lol even though it was only one...
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    Retreat from the Global

    I thought the exam was great! The essay was a really simple question to mold my already prepared essay to. It just looked at the intrinsic relationship that exists between the local and the global ie, preserve and reject. I looked at both rejecting and preserving the local AND the global. My...
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    Funny Twist to my Extension 2 Story!

    Is it just me or does porno writing seem the lowest form of literature to anyone else? i mean you write "hard" and compare it to some sort of fruit and there you have it glorified porn. But i guess if my ideal journalist career falls through i know the porno scene is just waiting for me... i...
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    Funny Twist to my Extension 2 Story!

    Quick Question... Has anyone throughout their writing process accidently begun to write Pornography..dont laugh this seriously happened to me. let me paint the picture for you... It was a fine sunny afternoon, as the extension 2 english class sat around a table on the assembly area listening...
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    First Three Words of your MW (Just 'Cause)

    The first 3 words of my major work are... "I lie still..." whatever will happen next??