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    Help! Law at Sydney/UTS? Very confused

    I'm doing a straight Law degree at UTS. We're moving to trimesters next year, and I'm picking up summer courses during the course of my degree (I'm studying part-time). It's really flexible at UTS. Would recommend. + Our timetabling is a lot easier. Within the first three weeks of a new...
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    Estimated ATAR v Real ATAR

    Hey guys! I just thought we'd share out estimated ATARs from school (half yearlies estimates, Trials estimates)/personal estimates etc. and compare it to our actual ATAR :) I'll begin: Trials estimate: 94 Adrita estimate: 93/4 Personal estimate: 93 Actual ATAR: 96.1 ^___^ <3...
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    Please Share Advice for 2015ers

    1. Even if you think it's too late to start studying, it's ok - too late is better than never, and you can truly save your ATAR lmao. (I got 1-3 ranks more than Adrita + school estimate) Fked around Term 1 and 2, only started studying seriously right before Trials Even though shitty ranks...
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    Post your course preferences thread

    Ty I think I saw you did Law at UTS? Hopefully see you there next year ^_^
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    Post your course preferences thread

    1. Arts/Law USYD 2. Arts/Law UNSW 3. Arts/Law UTS 4. Arts/Law ANU Please life (soz for #4 all the same basically lmao)
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    Thank you so so much! <3 And congratulations to everyone here! ^_____^ <3
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    Ancient History 91 English Advanced 86 Maths Ext 1 87 Maths Ext 2 73 Financial Services 93 (2013) Business Studies 91 4 UNIT DOESN'T EVEN COUNT WHO NEEDS MATHS. <3 ___ <3 I'M GONNA REACH MY ATAR GOAL AND BEAT MY BROTHER I'M GONNA CRY TEARS OF JOY FUCK YEAH HUMANITES LOVE!!!
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    Story of my life, except i don't play Dota (I did 8 units at school this year) Consider this: Your biggest dilemma right now is whether you want to drop eco and pick up history ext. so I recommend: 1. Pick up your Economics textbook, flip through future content and visualise whether you'll...
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    Financial Services 2014

    I hope/think there's less Accounting I suck at it Explaining/BSing is so much easier lol Did any of you guys do a different option topic for Section 4 in your Trials? (aka. Financial Markets or Financial Services or w.e)
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    Where do you want to TRAVEL in the WORLD and WHY?

    Thanks haha :D I scrolled thru to see your post Hi-5 for reasons for travelling :) Also, does anyone here have any advice on countries to visit for their amazing environment e.g. landscape in Scandinavian countries look divine (not fussed about culture, no interest in party scene)
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    Where do you want to TRAVEL in the WORLD and WHY?

    Greece/Italy To go to all the places famous battles were and to see Rome, Sparta, Pompeii, Herculaneum My fascination for these places began when I was a little asian kid flipping through Greek mythology books and books about the eruption of Vesuvius. In primary we sometimes had really short...
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    Copy of the exam??

    Greece: Spartan society to the Battle of Leuctra 371 BC a) Identify TWO examples of technology in this period. [2] b) What was the role of the gerousia? [4] c) Outline the significance of the poetry of Alcman. [4] d) What does evidence reveal about the role and status of women in this period? In...
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    Fall of the Republic: a) Evaluate the significance of the Mithridatic and Parthian Wars. b) To what extent were the activities of the First and Second Triumvirate similar? Caesar: a) Describe the reforms of Julius Caesar. [10] b) "Not only did he accept excessive honours, such as...
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History

    I've never heard of Alcman until 2AM this morning So worth sacrificing the sleep omg :'( also I saw that 2012 question and I thought "What are the chances?" but since of the trend of some HSC questions in the past I thought better safe than sorry phew for the both of us
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    am i the only 1 fked for tomorrow

    Are people still up memorising Module essays or
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    Oscar Pistorius (Blade Runner) - Discussion

    good one haha I'm not surprised he was found guilty But I was secretly hoping he'd be found not guilty just so he + court of law would get so much backlash. Would be so interesting to read all the reasons why the verdict was "unfair" (though there's plenty for the manslaughter already :P)
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    anyone went from bad in year 11 to good in year 12

    I think the most important reason students pick up their game in Year 11/12 is because of the subjects they pick. e.g. There are plenty of cases of students studying all the mandatory subjects (English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, PE) and getting extremely average/un-extraordinary...
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    NEED help, Trials in 1.2 days, stuck on English

    Print out all your essays and highlight all your quotes. Only memorise 1. Quotes 2. Main general arguments/points Don't bother with the conclusion, just write it on the day. Write out all your quotes on paper and recite it the night before, and the morning of the exam (unless you're someone...
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    Competing with selective schools

    This is so true, haha. It's just the environment that pushes us to work harder. When you've got kids around you crying about getting 92% in assessments and dropping from Rank 5 to 8 in Max2... well... Honestly my tips to studying would be: - Do past selective school papers (esp. Maths) to get a...
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    fort st maths exams!

    I think for the Year 10s trying out in 2012, they just gave them our half-yearlies Maths Exam. That was funny. And a few of the kids who got in aced that exam (wasn't extremely difficult). So if you have some mates, you should look at some of the past Year 10 FS Maths exams, that should be a...