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  1. CieL

    Angry Angus Beef Burger [Hungry Jacks]

    I was so disappointed when I picked up one of these.. They look so big on TV but when I got it it was smaller than a maccas cheeseburger.. or maybe I got ripped?
  2. CieL

    Olives - Love or Hate them?

    Eww hate =/ Tried to eat it by itself before and got rejected by my tongue.
  3. CieL

    Anyone work in a cole owned company ?

    Just give the card to your parents or whoever feeds you. Saving 5c to the dollar adds up when they're spending hundreds of dollars feeding you each month.
  4. CieL

    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    Obviously you're not changing lanes fast enough then =/
  5. CieL

    Haven't had a shift in about two months

    Why buy that when you can just have mexican? Hey what happened to you? I thought you were a mod for awhile?
  6. CieL

    Haven't had a shift in about two months

    Unless he's getting cash in hand that is =p
  7. CieL

    The Woolworths Thread

    My Coles was one of the 45 stores in NSW that got pwnd by FoodWorks. So I'm still bumming around there doing odd shifts whilst I complete my degree. I don't mind - the place is a place for entertainment and joy and I'm terrified of getting a 9-5 job because I'd be doing that for another 30yrs of...
  8. CieL

    Rules for Customers

    Let me set the scene: At the front desk which doubles up as the kiosk + conveyor belt registers which is right at the entrance of the store. Tiny bitch walks in and asks if we do cash out only. I apologise and state that ever since we got an ATM machine in the store we cannot do cash out alone...
  9. CieL

    The Woolworths Thread

    haha you're STILL AROUND!! I came back to troll and find things to stir up. And procrastinate like I did for a few years =p
  10. CieL

    20yr old - never worked b4!! HELP NEEDED ASAP

    For a first job, if you've tried to apply to all those and failed.. is to apply for a job directly face to face for something small. I remember my first job was at a food court. They had a hiring sign, I walked up, talked and asked.. and they told me to start the next day. Being an overseas...
  11. CieL

    The Woolworths Thread

    HAHAHA I feel your pain. I work somewhere which is around the corner from community housing and 50% of the customers are drunk and 10% are high. You get used to it and desensitised. You can smell everything in their breath. I've had times where my queue would double itself up because the guy...
  12. CieL

    Applied for aldi

    If you've analysed their business strategy you'd realise that they only employ adults and they all get the same wage of $21/hr. They also only have about 4-6 people per store so they only employ able people who they know will be efficient instead of bludgey kids. Checkout operators are also...
  13. CieL

    Rules for Staff

    Why are you stereotyping? Just because she works at Supre doesn't mean she's automatically dumb. I mean.. well... yeah............. Wait. Why the hell were you shopping at Supre?
  14. CieL

    Is this unethical at the least?

    Just tell your employer that you've contracted swine flu and currently in quarantine for 2wks and you can't make it in.
  15. CieL

    The Coles Thread

    Don't get a job at fucking Coles. I have seriously never been so angry at an employer in my life. This morning when I rocked up to work I was sat down and told that Coles has sold 45 of its stores to FoodWorks and we're one of those stores. -> Business Spectator - News - Wesfarmers transfers...
  16. CieL

    How did you quit your job?

    I remember my second job in hospitality. The staff gave me shit for four nights, and the manager was blowing F words all over my face.. And I took my apron off, shoved it on his chest, and walked out the store. Damn it felt so good.
  17. CieL

    Rules for Customers

    I would LOL if the druggo said: "What so it's $1.60? You charge me wrong price - free item pls"
  18. CieL

    The Woolworths Thread

    You must be talking about Saffron. It should be general knowledge that it is the most expensive spice. Ever.
  19. CieL

    The Coles Thread

    Why is double bagging such a huge problem? I have customers that lug their groceries onto the bus/train to get home and it would be hell if I was doing that and a bag broke. Some goods have sharp corners that eventually break the bag if handled awhile longer. It's not that hard. If they want...
  20. CieL

    Rules for Staff

    Grocery people/packers/whatever Please do your job and pay attention to detail =.= I went shopping at a neighboring Coles today because it was bigger.. but out of the 10 products I picked out, 3 were past the best before date. What. The. Fuck. I only bothered browsing 1/3 of the store because...