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  1. Gigacube

    Do i really have to go to the Orientation Camp?

    I would highly recommend you go. It's pretty fun getting to meet everyone else in your course and there's a few enjoyable activities. There will be some important information covered such as the course structure and who to contact in case of xyz. You can also attend the on campus events but the...
  2. Gigacube

    Timetable problem FULL

    Yes, the lecture. I think it was listed as a seminar last year.
  3. Gigacube

    Timetable problem FULL

    With the subject 31265 Communication for IT Professionals, you choose the time for your workshop. Then at ocamp or at the CITP workshop, you'll do a literacy test. You will then be split up into tutorial classes (or this could be a seminar class). The tutorial classes run during the same time as...
  4. Gigacube

    Principals' Recommendation Scheme

    I was offered this last year. If you received and accepted your offer then you should be eligible. You will get $2000 per year as long as you pass all your subjects.
  5. Gigacube

    What's the reason for On-Campus Enrolement?

    There's a thread from last year about this: http://community.boredofstudies.org/117/university-technology-sydney/298827/anyone-doing-b-medical-science.html Looks like science students have to complete a literacy test.
  6. Gigacube


    Based on this page: https://mysubjects.uts.edu.au/aplus2014/aptimetable?fun=show_subject_structure&subject_code=58116_AUT_U_1_S it looks like you only need to enrol in tut 1 and lec 1. Try enrolling in those and give UTS a call tomorrow.
  7. Gigacube


    If you check the dates that appear when you are viewing the subject on http://timetable.uts.edu.au/ you can tell. You might find that lec 2 and/or tut 2 will run when lec 1 and tut 1 aren't running.
  8. Gigacube


    That looks correct. The date for lec 2 is different as well as tut 2.
  9. Gigacube

    Subject Enrollment

    Make sure that everything is filled out here: http://onestopadmin.uts.edu.au Check the handbook to see what subjects you need to enrol in. Enrol in the subjects on the link above. After you've done that head here (https://mysubjects.uts.edu.au) to enrol in your actual classes (e.g. lectures...
  10. Gigacube

    Difference between Lecture and Seminar?

    We can't actually see your draft timetable. Try screenshotting it. Take a look at the dates that the subject runs on. In this subject it looks like the first class is a lecture and the rest are seminars. They can vary between subjects but lectures are generally where you sit and listen to a...
  11. Gigacube

    Subject Enrollment

    The course guide can be found on the UTS Handbook site. This is the one for your degree: http://handbook.uts.edu.au/courses/c10219.html
  12. Gigacube

    Application Number

    Try using your UAC application number.
  13. Gigacube


    This is true for UTS BIT. The majority apply for BA roles at banks and for other business IT roles at companies such as the big 4. There are a few each year who do apply for a position as a software engineer or developer. These students are the ones who tend to excel in programming subjects and...
  14. Gigacube


    With the BIT course, you'll find that in each semester, you'll have 1-2 subjects on the more technical side and 1-2 subjects on the more business side. Towards the end of the degree it gets more into the business area with subjects that focus on project management. I don't think it matters too...
  15. Gigacube


    It's fairly difficult to understand what you mean by a good but if you don't want a job that primarily involves coding there should be enough to get by. You can always take electives if you want to broaden your knowledge. For a 3 year degree with 2 industry placements, it's a bit difficult to...
  16. Gigacube


    Congrats on both offers! :) I can give you the UTS BIT coop side to help give you more information. Yes, it's true that the course is pretty weak on the programming side. The first programming subject 'programming fundamentals' is a gentle introduction to programming as you'll find that the...
  17. Gigacube

    I am good. :) How about yourself?

    I am good. :) How about yourself?
  18. Gigacube

    Hey Spi

    Hey Spi
  19. Gigacube

    Vet Science Cut-Off Mark

    Here's the list for the 2012 UAC Main Round Cut-offs Vet Sc has a N/A so you should check out the CSU website on how to apply for the course. You may need to have an interview for this course.
  20. Gigacube

    I've seen the subject outline so I should be right but thanks anyway. :)

    I've seen the subject outline so I should be right but thanks anyway. :)