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  1. elliottjohnson

    Residential Colleges in Uni of Queensland

    Hi Elizaa, I know how useful some of the information can be when you are interested in applying for college, I definitely looked closely at every post. Any bit of information is useful! I'm a second year at St John's this year and absolutely loving it! In answer to your Q, If you are going...
  2. elliottjohnson

    3 unit maths preliminary questionz marathon

    Solve: 2 < (3x+1)/(2x+4)
  3. elliottjohnson

    Uq 2011 roll call

    Moved up from NSW. Studying B.commerce/B.economics at UQ. Living at St John's College....the best college. Loving it!!
  4. elliottjohnson

    double angle integration

    Hi can somebody please explain how you get from finding the integral (S) of: S (cos6x.cos2x) dx >> to 1/2 S (cos8x + cos4x) dx not sure how to expand the double angle results that leave me with that as an answer?? thanks
  5. elliottjohnson

    1/2 In 3 = In root3

    thanks!! i know my mistake now
  6. elliottjohnson

    1/2 In 3 = In root3

    with the integration of e^x / (1 + (e^x)^2 limits 1/2In3 and 0 how does the last step work. thanks
  7. elliottjohnson

    related rates

    I think i got it is the answer 0.5976 => 0.6
  8. elliottjohnson

    related rates

    I know some people love doing math early in the morning so could some one please answer before I leave at 6.45AM. A wine glass is shaped so that the depth of the liquid in it is y cm, the volume of the liquid is given by V = 1/5 *y^4 cm^3. At what rate is the level rising when the depth is...
  9. elliottjohnson

    HSC = Blegh

    I have no idea what that feeling is going to be like when I walk/run out my last HSC exam, with hands raised in victory!!! how will that bee?? WOW
  10. elliottjohnson

    When do you work best?

    4-6.30 in the morning.
  11. elliottjohnson

    study timetable

    haha, can definitly agree!
  12. elliottjohnson

    Economics Marathon - 2010

    Explain the relationship between external stability and the distribution of income in Australia.
  13. elliottjohnson

    Micro and Macroeconomics

    k great thanks.
  14. elliottjohnson

    inflation rate and productivity

    hey, can someone please explain to me the relationship between productivity and the rate of inflation. Text doesn't cover in enough detail. thanks!!
  15. elliottjohnson

    Micro and Macroeconomics

    Hi, Can anyone please simplify explain the difference in simple terms? thanks
  16. elliottjohnson

    Economics Marathon - 2010

    not sure, is that even part of the course didnt see it in unemployment. BUMP
  17. elliottjohnson

    Free HSC Resources

    thanks so much...a true champ!! xx
  18. elliottjohnson

    hey, could i please have the password to those resources in ur sig. Thanks!!

    hey, could i please have the password to those resources in ur sig. Thanks!!
  19. elliottjohnson

    HSC Timetable 2010

    Someone who goes to my school does IPT and D&T both exams are the same day after english paper 1 and eng.paper 2 respectively. UNLUCKY.
  20. elliottjohnson

    Does anyone think they messed up choosing subjects?

    why hadnt i picked these subjects earlier!!