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  1. xJennax

    Bond University, and conclusion?

    I am a Bond student and I can say that I absolutely love it! It does offer a lot of personal help and it's true about the small class sizes, teaching quality, graduate sucess, ect. I went to a very average public school but after researching into Bond I realised I really wanted to go there. I...
  2. xJennax

    What was your overall English mark?

    English Standard: Internal: 81 Exam: 73 :( :( :(
  3. xJennax

    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    My dad was telling me I did well and got what I needed and "congrats", ect and I think my mum said I did well. I didn't even get that a good a UAI lol...
  4. xJennax

    teen depression/suicide

    I would suggest steering away from that topic. Too overdone. Try to think of something more original. :)
  5. xJennax

    Are our UAC and StudentsOnline pins the same?

    Oh ok! Thanks for that. I rang UAC and they issued me a pin.
  6. xJennax

    Are our UAC and StudentsOnline pins the same?

    I am looking at the UAC booklet I got sent. I applied through QTAC, not UAC. I have my pin for http://studentsonline.bos.nsw.edu.au and I was wondering if this pin is the same for UAC/ to get my UAI?
  7. xJennax

    How would you rate schools at Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast schoolies was soooo good! I loved the beach parties. I went in that week and also the days in which the beach parties were on for NSW. QLD was so much more fun...I don't know how to explain it lol but the people were like more friendly and fun. Being 17, I can't really judge on how...
  8. xJennax

    What cars is/was everyone on their L's

    '92 Toyota Camry Wagon
  9. xJennax

    going to the toilet in exams

    You can get a doc cert. I was worried I'd need to do to so I didn't drink at all before exam and made sure I went just before.
  10. xJennax

    "Assessment Rank Order from 13 November"

    Grr I was fronted with an unpleasant shock by checking my rankings. I got an award on presentation day at school that says I came 1st in Multimedia and now I find out I actually came 2nd grrrrrrrr.
  11. xJennax

    what type of bank account should I get?

    I just changed from a student Commonwealth account to two ANZ accounts. I got the 'ANZ Access Advantage' account. I also got a Progess Saver and you only need $10 to start that. You get more interest if you deposit but don't withdraw. I got internet banking and had them both linked up so I can...
  12. xJennax

    Make Me A Supermodel - Australia

    Was the brand General Pants or Loveable?
  13. xJennax

    Exam Thoughts

    I thought the paper was alright, I didn't really like the work and leisure question but it wasn't too bad.
  14. xJennax

    PIP ideas anyone?

    Wow that's weird your teacher didn't really like it...we were always told our topics were too broad and to narrow them down haha. I think it sounds like a really interesting topic. I was born in the bath at home and I remember my mum telling me how my nanna was really scared about it haha.
  15. xJennax

    Freedom After The HSC

    It hasn't hit me yet that I'm done. (I only finished today) I'm so glad for the freedom though.
  16. xJennax

    If i had known SAC was the last exam, i wouldn't have chosen it.

    Haha wouldn't have made a difference for me because I have an exam on the 2nd last day as well. Would be cool to be done already, but hey 6 days will come by really quickly.
  17. xJennax

    UAI Guess Competition

    Re: Official UAI Guess Competition User: Jenna UAI Guess: 70 Actual UAI: Date Signed: November 4, 2008
  18. xJennax

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    Re: the big question WHAT UNI DO YOU WANT TO GO TO AND WHY! Nope, getting a hecs loan.
  19. xJennax

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    Re: the big question WHAT UNI DO YOU WANT TO GO TO AND WHY! Bond Uni on the Gold Coast. I love the Multimedia course they offer, the smaller student to staff ratio, the distance from my house and the campus.