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  1. Ace-Pilot

    Was school a total waste of Time?

    LoL You Guys...
  2. Ace-Pilot

    Where can i get 4 Unit paper ?

    Thanx Laz, And to Bon, Coz since i finished yr 12 doing 3 unit im plannin to just take up a course now to do 4 unit just get it over and done with b4 i enter Uni, most courses i wanna do recommends 4u maths knowledge.
  3. Ace-Pilot

    answer to Q4 (multiple choice)

    God damn some one call board of srudies and solve this already !!
  4. Ace-Pilot

    How did you find/hear about us?

    I accidently got here coz i mis spelled board of studies :p
  5. Ace-Pilot

    anyone cheat on the HSC?

    Methoid to evade calculator/equipment check. Come into the exam late after about 5 mins, after reading time is over. I never actually intended to come late but it happened and no one checked nuthing, Everyone else says there calculators were checked b4 exam, so yeah if u wanna get something...
  6. Ace-Pilot

    answer to Q4 (multiple choice)

    Damn i hate to admit it, but thats a pretty good point. Geez, well theres 1 mark.
  7. Ace-Pilot

    Are electives modified for difficulty????

    Haha, Age Of Silicon Rulez, Even If they asked any kind of question for that topic ide be able to answer it with no trouble at all, I know that topic inside-out. Well, heres a thought, How bout Finding the paper really easy and when u look at the option questions (AOS) you gotta redifine...
  8. Ace-Pilot

    EXAM, stuffed or not

    LoL, Great thanx alot chicken now i know im REALLY screwed.
  9. Ace-Pilot

    Good on you BOS

    Exams are written in MArch ?? Are you sure bout this ?
  10. Ace-Pilot

    what u wanna do next year??

    LoL Mid 30's ? Do u even know what im talking bout ? Ill be cruising those things before my 21 st. Hey and if designing/building roads and bridges (what i see civil eng to be) is your thing well that you like. Im just being honest why Civil Eng isn't so popular :D
  11. Ace-Pilot

    superconductors, generation, transmission and transport Q

    Oh ******* Great, I forgot to mention maglev trains, god damn wording bullcrap. :mad:
  12. Ace-Pilot

    answer to Q4 (multiple choice)

    Not sure about this, i think i might be wrong. Even though alot of ppl chose B for Q4, about the rollecoster - i still agree with what i selected which is C. This is the reason: At point "Q" the rollecoster just came from a negative gravity force. At the Exact point Q u should only...
  13. Ace-Pilot

    HSC Physics Aftermath

    it was much easier than our trial, it was a funny exam, seriously was wrong with the guys at BOS ? Aneone agree ?
  14. Ace-Pilot

    Which Elective do you do?

    Age of Silicon was a buety, finished it in under 20 mins, That was way too easy and simple :D
  15. Ace-Pilot

    I studied for the last 2 days for THAT?

    Board of studies is seriously screwed up. That was not a physics hsc exam, it was a joke. im not trying to boast or anything but seriously i expected harder, Call me crazy but i would have rather done a harder hsc exam than that ? Why ? Well coz now 90% of the state is gonna get above...
  16. Ace-Pilot

    the magical mystery tour pt2

    Physics will be okay I hope, Alrite, well all report tommorow i guess. Good Luck all !!
  17. Ace-Pilot

    Whats ure fav topic in Physics ?

    Wow, So much anger and hate against Physics ? Thats not right, it should be against Chemistry !!
  18. Ace-Pilot

    Ascham trial: Lenz's law induction question

    yep thanx man.
  19. Ace-Pilot

    Ascham trial: Lenz's law induction question

    Shiiiit, Sorry Laz, damn now i see how its Falling "With" the magnetic fields not "against" them thus no eddy curents induced. :eek:
  20. Ace-Pilot

    Ascham trial: Lenz's law induction question

    Hey but LAz, If the sheet fell thru the mag fields vertically it would pass unaffected at a=9.8 what im saying is i think thr examiners want us to presume that the sheets is falling thru the field horizontally, not asking us the exact amount of current induced, but more of how the...