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  1. barrel_roll

    wow my.unsw looks MAD

    Can anyone access MyUNSW today? I tried logging in this morning, around 9 and tried again just then 5, to no avail. I hope I'll be able to pay my fees on time!
  2. barrel_roll

    what clubs & societies did u guys join?

    I didn't know you could sign up for more than ONE society! I only joined Lawsoc :( Can we still sign up now, after o-week?
  3. barrel_roll

    Train and Bus pass

    Do you purchase these travelpasses from the bus driver or from the train station?
  4. barrel_roll

    How hard is getting distinctions in B Comm?

    How hard is it to get a distinction average in Combined Law/Commerce? I want to transfer!
  5. barrel_roll

    The Difference between CSP and DFEE

    Sorry, I've got another question but don't want to create too many topics. If I accept a DFEE spot for combined law/commerce, will I be able to transfer to a CSP spot for commerce if I can't keep up with the work load? Right now I have a CSP offer for Commerce at UNSW and a DFEE offer for...
  6. barrel_roll

    The Difference between CSP and DFEE

    I know that for CSP you only pay part of the tuition fee whereas for DFEE you have to pay all of it. Other than that, are there any differences? Would your credentials and certificates later on acknowledge whether you've selected a CSP or DFEE spot?
  7. barrel_roll

    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    SAM 94.7 REAL UAI 94.3 awww....my first 4 preferences just became redundant
  8. barrel_roll

    Band 5 cutoff?

    80-81? :s
  9. barrel_roll

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    i don't get why 7 is d... i got b instead...didn't the quota increase? .... shit!
  10. barrel_roll

    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    Yes, Roy has blonde hair.... No, he died. He had a short lifespan.
  11. barrel_roll

    How many pages did you write? [Merged]

    Re: How many pages did you write? A:6 B:7 C:7 Not Happy, Jan!
  12. barrel_roll

    Paper 2 Distaster Stories...

    arrgh...i hated the king lear question! i only wrote 6 pages for section 1 and 7 each for section 2 and 3... i think i left out heaps because i sat there with 6 minutes to go with nothing to do >_<
  13. barrel_roll

    My friend has stuffed up his hsc lol

    It doesn't matter as long as they go above average in the other subjects... I input '50' for english in SAM...and still managed to get a 93+ uai just to see what would happen if i completely stuffed up
  14. barrel_roll

    Music 1 and some related questions

    I find aural/composition very difficult, relating the answer to the 'concepts'. You realise that Ameb has never taught you these things and you struggle. I guess practise makes perfect.
  15. barrel_roll

    AMEB Exams?

    I took my grade 8 piano exam last year and just managed to get an A. I didn't think i'd get it with the amount of practise i did throughout the year, but i made up for it in the 2 days prior to the exam, 3 hrs each day=P Not doing grades this year, have to focus on hsc!!!
  16. barrel_roll

    Journeys for 2006?

    I'm just wondering if yr 12 will still do journeys in 2005/6. I heard that the syllabuse changed a bit, so i wonder if there are any major changes!
  17. barrel_roll

    Year 11 Area of Study

    how about... Is the area of study for yr 12 (2006) going to remain as "journeys"?
  18. barrel_roll

    Does Music course 1 scale me down?

    Well, i do 7th grade AMEB piano, but i guess that's not very important, as there is a lot of competition. Also i hate the aural responses i have to give.... Should i drop the subject even though i am ranked first, considering there is only 12 people doing music? I think i'm doing "okay" in other...
  19. barrel_roll

    capped subjects

    How about music course 1?.....Our school didn't offer course 2, which is what i wanted to do! O_o
  20. barrel_roll

    Does Music course 1 scale me down?

    scale....or "capped"