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  1. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    And i hate the new phone system :/ Its nice that there's a speed-dial option to dial 'the service desk' and other stores. Instead of having to go use a phone that can call out.
  2. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    Theres is a huge relaunch happening soon. I sat in the Natcom meeting today, Region 7 & 8 had a meeting on wednesday with eighty-something store managers, regional specialists, area managers, etc. Its pretty big, Woolworths are putting a heap of money into the media to advertise it, there are...
  3. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    No, just normal black enclosed shoes - nothing fancy. You'l need to buy pants, too. Good thing is, you can get them taxed each financial year. So technically, you'll get the money back.
  4. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    reasons why i would decline also 1. not only is it starting at 5am but: 2. its a 3 hour shift, lame start time + short shift = shit shift = no thanks although, if your a morning person - dont see why not ? personally i'd rather do nights - closing at the deli ftw ;)
  5. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    Thanks, yep ill check out the things suggested, :)
  6. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    anyone know where i can get a black vest for woolys...?? anyone...anyone at all? :o
  7. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    Speaking of Vests, does anyone know where i can buy a black one to wear over my uniform? can it be done through the store like shirts, or is this a thing i have to hunt for myself? :D
  8. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    totally random question but: im curious, whats the policy on facial hair?
  9. Steppenwolf

    Rules for Customers

    love KFC though, large chips and a 600ml bottle of pepsi = lunch but back on topic, i work in the deli at woolworths - No i cant slice/shave meat 5minutes prior to the store closing, FUCK OFF TO BED ALREADY?! who shops at midnight anyway? - "are there any hot chickens left?" use your damn...
  10. Steppenwolf

    Shallow life.....what you think about it?

    Just dont read too much into it, do what comes naturally or else you will be thinking about eye contact, posture, ect, when really you just need to let your instincts do the talking, Patience - although you probably frown upon the word and have been patient long enough to no avail, Keep at it...
  11. Steppenwolf

    Prison Break Series

    Its true.
  12. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    Thats way too young to be Duty manager, we have like 3 rotating DM's at the store im at, all over 30 with a ton of experiance
  13. Steppenwolf

    The Woolworths Thread

    Re: Woolworths FAQ- how to get a job and higher paying than..mcdonalds for instance. depends what department your in too: Checkouts and Deli = OMG :evilfire:
  14. Steppenwolf

    best way to dump a guy?

    Phone call - less pressure, just unload your emotions and rip him to shreds :hammer: zing!
  15. Steppenwolf

    What is Woolworths Hrly rate?

    yea 12.32 or whatever it was, is what i got as a deli assist at 17 in NSW now im 18 getting 14.40 :D
  16. Steppenwolf

    where do you work?

    Woolworths, in the Deli.
  17. Steppenwolf


    No. stupidest thing ive ever heard. Solution: Go have sex.
  18. Steppenwolf

    What ISP you on ?

    Optus, 8gb onpeak, 16gb offpeak $50 a month,, ehh probably getting ripped off
  19. Steppenwolf

    Schoolies 2008 Terrigal!!!

    heh, true that