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  1. meghanhelena

    Whos into art express this year?

    Eeeeee! Seriously- eeeeee! My film has been chosen!!! Wagga, Dubbo, Newcastle, Wollongong, Syd Olympic Park and the AGNSW. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  2. meghanhelena

    Art Express Preselection

    This just in: Another girl in my class got preselected! She did a series of paintings... I live in Ballina too... hurrah for rain and cardigans. Naughtymanolo- may I ask what course you are thinking of doing? And I agree about uni's loving those Art Express students... I just want to do art...
  3. meghanhelena

    Art Express Preselection

    Guess what happened to me originally. I sent my film away, and presumably because it was just in a little postage packet IT GOT LOST. In spite of the fact it was special courier delivered and such. Yeah, pretty shit- I was told a few days before english paper one, that if I didnt have a copy...
  4. meghanhelena

    Art Express Preselection

    Out of my art class, so far I am the only one pre-selected, but I am also the only one who had to get mine sent away for marking... so possibly that is correct about the whole sculpture/mixed media taking longer to mark or what not. As for how I was informed- by the head of curriculum just...
  5. meghanhelena

    Art Express Preselection

    Eeeeee- one in three chance after being pre-selected. That is a fairly good chance. I made a film and received 49/50 internal... was very, very shocked about being preselected due to the fact my film is very obscure and well, personal, I suppose. I am not going to, but has anyone ever heard...
  6. meghanhelena

    Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

    Ah. How glad I am to have this behind me. What a horrid subject. But I do love its simplicity. I wrote 29 pages, for the good ole days.
  7. meghanhelena

    Art Express Preselection

    Yes, I'm fairly certain that we never do get our actual BOW mark from the markers, I suppose it might be possible to infer from other marks from internal, if you kind of have an idea about how you go in the exam. I have been pre-selected! Does this just mean nominated to enter Art Express?! I...
  8. meghanhelena


    Eeep. Your story sounds fantastic. Mine was similiarly gory, about a detective that was actually the killer- sex attacks, corruption, a dog and many many cigarettes. The letter stimulus wasn't very well entwined but... oh well. As for the essay- I was somewhere in between just trying to get...
  9. meghanhelena

    General thoughts?

    Crime fiction- Passion and detachment?! I found it difficult to weave in anything about genre, value, conventions, engagement... although I ended up writing 15 pages, with my main arguments concerning the detective is often detached, writing style is often detached/ stark, etc- ultimately due to...
  10. meghanhelena

    New Radiohead - 10th Oct.

    Oh, oh, oh. I am so very, very excited. More excited than I was after I found The Beatles on my employer's iPod amongst endless streams of "So Fresh." More excited than when I was twelve years old and someone made me believe that Nirvana were the surprise band at Big Day Out. :( Eeeeee...
  11. meghanhelena

    Is the Board of Studies website down!?

    'Tis frozen, for me. As frozen as my heart when I face the multiple choice questions in my exams.
  12. meghanhelena

    Freaking Out...

    Alas, alack. On the morning of my Trial for Extension English I was driving to school and passed a police-y man with a speed camera. Horror- I was incidently speeding and drove the rest of the way to school "freaking out." Just before my exam I had a panic attack and had to go in crying... and...
  13. meghanhelena

    The Department Says Relax

    Oh, relaxing. Stuvac is quite hilarious. In attempts of procrastination, I have disovered the trampoline. Instead of practice papers I have found that recording my notes onto my mp3 player and listening to them is more effective, as I seem to fall asleep if I am just sitting down writing. I fear...
  14. meghanhelena

    Foreign Related Text

    Helleu! I plan to use a translated German text- a brochure issued from the Nazi party around WWII concerning the "evil" foreign press and the way they manipulate truth, doctor photographs, make cartoons, etc. It is such a good related text, with very persuasive and emotive language and visuals...
  15. meghanhelena


    i love rosie!