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  1. skip to my lou

    B Planning anyone?

    im doing it this year. im a nrsl tho.. lol
  2. skip to my lou

    when would nrsl offers be made?

    when would the nrsl offers be made? early/prelim rounds? im probably assuming most would be made in the main round.. just as they would for hsc-ers thanks in advance
  3. skip to my lou

    what do you guys reckon?

    i lost my interest in IT. Business is okay but i realli dont want to do IT nemore. i dunno, after 2 years studying biz/comp, i dont feel like what i've learnt is of any use.. well i heard about planning coz my friend was originally enrolled in it back in 2003, and yeh i looked into a bit...
  4. skip to my lou

    what do you guys reckon?

    *he thanks guys well, i gotta finish this semester off neway at uts. hopefully bump up my GPA/WAM and improve my chances to transfer
  5. skip to my lou

    what do you guys reckon?

    hey just wondering what u guys think; do you think ill be able to transfer or not? UAI (2003); 87.1 Current course : B Business/B Computing at UTS for 2 years Transfer course : B Planning at UNSW (82.2 UAIcutoff for 2005) GPA: 4.166666666.. WAM : 62.83333... . . Selection rank = 84...
  6. skip to my lou

    the John Mayer thread (merged)

    www.mystupidmouth.com great place to satisfy all your john mayer needs :)
  7. skip to my lou

    the John Mayer thread (merged)

    buddy guy feat. john mayer - 'I've got dreams to remember' is a pretty good rendition of the song but yeh, i like 'lay lady lay' and 'what kindve woman is this' on buddy's new album better wow whered u get the single from? haha i wanna hear jm3's version of covered in rain tho, but my...
  8. skip to my lou

    the John Mayer thread (merged)

    ah ive been absent from bos for like a 1+ years and yeh.. im a huge mayer fan! jm3 is realli good too ive got 2 concerts of theirs in .flac files heart so heavy is seriosly an awesome song. i reallii love jm3's version of daughters; its funky but it still sounds all emotional good love...
  9. skip to my lou

    B Planning

    ohh cmj, u might know of my friend? coz he was enrolled in 2004 as well.. slitz? chris swain? mm yeh i think all degree's have their fair share of boring and not-so-boring subjects, so its no biggy.
  10. skip to my lou

    B Planning

    hey im will, right now im 2nd year B Business/B Computing student at UTS, but i dont think i want to do it as a profession. I'm pretty interested in this degree; i had a friend who was enrolled in it a few years ago, he didnt have a great experience but yeh i saw what the subjects and stuff...
  11. skip to my lou

    Spring 2004 Results - 22/12

    i failed sys mod....nuff said
  12. skip to my lou

    query about some courses

    (1) is a coop-scholarship funded course, which is fast-tracked. you also get paid to do it. ummm you get to work for your sponsor as well in your final year as well i think (dont quote me on that) umm...bscit is basically the same but not fasttracked, no money, and no guaranteed work...
  13. skip to my lou

    Spring 2004 Timetable (16/07), Subjects and Classes

    Errors Detected Crystal Runtime Error: [-2147189547] There are not enough Concurrent Access Licenses to log you on. This system has 5 Concurrent Access Licenses. Please try again later, or contact your system administrator to obtain more licenses. Licenses can be purchased direct from Seagate...
  14. skip to my lou

    Exam Results are OUT (Wed 21/07)

    25115 Economics for Business P 56 6 22107 Accounting for Business P 57 6 31509 Computer Fundamentals P 62 6 31060 Information Sys.Principles C 74 6 ahh my laziness prevailed!!!
  15. skip to my lou

    NBA passion

  16. skip to my lou

    NBA passion

    dwight howard got first pick. i thought he was a better pick than emeka okafor as well. he was a fricken monster in the mcdonald's allamerican ben gordan number 3 pick? i dunno. good but good for number 3
  17. skip to my lou

    Fire/ Bomb Threat/ False Alarm

    that was mad shit. everybody cheated. lol ah well, as long as i got the 40% retainer, im happy lol no more ocmp fun !!!!
  18. skip to my lou

    accounting exam

    hmmm well, i aint proud of this but here goes... ive only been to 1 tute...first tute...and i didnt go to most lectures...and im doing option A but yeah. in saying that, i studied the whole course in about 3 days. and i reckon i pulled off at least a 50%. i hope. ill let you ppl know how...
  19. skip to my lou

    NBA passion

  20. skip to my lou

    NBA passion

    no. jordan produced. kobe is hogging it "trying to shoot out of the funk" annnnywayyyyy pistons won. kobe and co was a no show. the lead got up to like 28 or sometyhing. it was a blowout. only bad thing i saw was that darko was missing :( neways. i predicted pistons prior to playoffs to...